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PRESENTATION PRESENTATION Presentation after mid test 3-4 group each meeting Class Q : 10 group(4-3-3) Class R : 9 group.

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2 PRESENTATION Presentation after mid test 3-4 group each meeting Class Q : 10 group(4-3-3) Class R : 9 group (3-3-3) Time for presentation: 10 minutes (max 10 slides) Time for discussion: 10 minutes




6 RESEARCH, CONTENT AND DELIVERY PLAN YOUR RESEARCH carefully using print and online databases and resources Focus on CONTENT, evidence-based material should be used if available PROVIDE A MAP OF THE TERRITORY to be covered, present relevant information and summarize content at the end and answer the clinical questions PRACTICE your presentation at least once SPEAK CLEARLY and project to your audience Show ENTHUSIASM for and INTEREST in your topic

7 SLIDES FIRST SLIDE should include your presentation title, your name and date Use DESIGN TEMPLATES or create your own Use COLORS THAT WORK WELL TOGETHER (Be particularly cautious when using dark colors (such as red or blue letters on a solid black backgroundthey may look readable on the computer screen but be unreadable when projected) BE CONSISTENT with effects, transitions and animations Limit the number of slides (no more than 12 for a 10- minute presentation) DO NOT APOLOGIZE for any slide. If the content is hard to read, redo it

8 TEXT Provide only KEY POINTS on your slides Use upper and lower case - DO NOT USE ALL UPPERCASE AS IT IS HARD TO READ Use CLEAR, LARGE, LEGIBLE fonts for text Be consistent with the look and style of text for titles, bulleted points and sub-points SPELL check your work PUT REFERENCES on the bottom of each slide to support your point

9 OTHER FEATURES Use clip art, AutoShapes, pictures, charts, tables and diagrams to enhance presentation content Use a chart or graph to present statistics Vary the slide layout (Bulleted List, Two Column Text, Text & Chart, etc.) Use sound and video when appropriate to content

10 TIPS TO BE COVERED Outlines Slide Structure Fonts Colour Background Graphs Spelling and Grammar Conclusions Questions

11 SPELLING AND GRAMMAR Proof your slides for: – speling mistakes – the use of of repeated words – grammatical errors you might have make If English is not your first language, please have someone else check your presentation!

12 Research your topic. Its important to spend enough time collecting and confirming information in order to speak with confidence and knowledge. Organize. Organize the main points in the most appropriate order for the topic youre presenting. Avoid writing complete sentences or paragraphs and prepare note cards to help you elaborate on the information presented. Practice. Do not memorize written texts. Try to understand the topic to the best of your ability so you can communicate it well during the presentation and meet the time limit. Practice for a friend or a family member and get their feedback on your presentation skills. Deal with your stress. Its common to be stressed before a presentation, try picturing yourself impressing the audience. Also, its important to relax before the presentation and think about nothing but how to make the most out of it. Look presentable. Dress well for the presentation, usually a formal outfit is preferred to show the level of professionalism. Appearance says a lot about someones personality and confidence.

13 Keep eye contact. Do scanning the room technique by keeping an eye contact with as many people as you can. Speak clearly. Speak in a load and clear voice to get your presentation through to the audience even the ones sitting further away. Answer questions at the end of the presentation. Make sure you listen to the questions carefully, ask for clarifications if needed and repeat the question to the rest of the audience to give you more time to think about the answer. If you dont know the answer for a question be honest and say that you will look into it since you dont know the answer in the meantime. Learn from your experience. Ask your employers or professors for their feedback to be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve for next time. Listen to presentations. Once youre done presenting you should take the time to listen to other presentations to benefit from presenters skills.

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