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The 1850sOn the verge of War! Chapter 10 Section 1.

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1 The 1850sOn the verge of War! Chapter 10 Section 1

2 Election of 1848 A.Zachary Taylor (W) v. Lewis Cass (D) v. Martin Van Buren (FS) Taylor was a war hero who owned 200 slaves. The Democrats were divided over slavery. The Free Soilers opposed slavery. B. The Results Zachary Taylor wins with Millard Fillmore as his running mate.

3 *Wilmot Proviso* Proposed by David Wilmot (D.) Wanted to ban slavery in the new territories. The North liked it and the South did not. Passed in the House of Representatives 4 times but it never passed in the Senate.

4 Problems in Congress A.California CA wanted to become a free state. California split the Missouri Compromise line. B. Texas TX (slave state) takes up half of the Mexico territory. C. Slavery The North does not want slavery in Washington D.C. and leans towards abolition The South wants the North to support the Fugitive Slave Act. The South is discussing secession- withdrawing from the US.

5 *Compromise of 1850- Henry Clay* For the North -CA enters as a free state. -TX gets $10 to give up New Mexico territory. For the South - *Fugitive Slave Act * -makes it a federal crime to assist runaway slaves. Also allows runaways to be arrested in free states. For Both -Slave trade is banned in Washington D.C -New territories will decide slavery based on *popular sovereignty*- the idea that the individual territories should decide on slavery.

6 Passing the Compromise A.Deaths John C. Calhoun and President Taylor, who both oppose the compromise, die. The new President, Millard Fillmore supports the Compromise. B. Henry Clays Package Deal Tries to pass the compromise all at once and it does not pass. Clay leaves Congress. Stephen Douglas becomes a new leader in Congress and decides to break up the Compromise and pass it in small chunks.

7 America Splits F. *Uncle Toms Cabin* Written by Harriett Beecher Stowe, an angry northerner and depicted the lives of slaves. Made southerners really mad. The Battle over Slavery heats up and become serious!

8 The Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) A.New leaders Clay and Webster pass on in the early 1850s. As part of his break up deal Stephen Douglas proposes the Kansas- Nebraska Act. B. Popular Sovereignty The issue of slavery in Kansas and Nebraska would be decided by the people.

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