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Chapter 10 The Union in Peril

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1 Chapter 10 The Union in Peril

2 Who won the World Series last year?
San Francisco Giants

3 True or false: The Dodgers won the world series last year.
False: The Giants won the world series

4 The _____ allowed California to be admitted to the Union as a free state.
Compromise of 1850

5 True or False: Stephen Douglas defeated Abraham Lincoln in 1858

6 The ____ proposed prohibiting slavery in California and other territories acquired from Mexico.
Wilmot Proviso

7 What was the difference between the Northern economy and the Southern economy?
North: more manufacturing South: based on agriculutre

8 True or False: Abraham Lincoln said secession is illegal but it would be illegal for him to do anything about it. False: James Buchanan said it.

9 ____ helped over 300 slaves safely flee the South by using a system known as the underground railroad. Harriet Tubman

10 ____ is famous as the author of a controversial book that depicted slavery as a moral, not just a political struggle. Harriet Beecher Stowe

11 True or False: The Whig party was dissolved after the Compromise of 1850
False: Dissolved after Kansas-Nebraska

12 When ____ proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act the bill sparked a bitter debate in Congress.
Stephen Douglas

13 Passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act would repeal ____
The Missouri Compromise

14 True or False: Stephen Douglas wanted to build a transcontinental railroad through a southern route.
False: Northern route

15 The belief that states can leave the union is known as the principle of ____

16 True or False: The Republican party was founded based on opposition to the Mexican American War
False: opposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act

17 Stephen Douglas believed that the only democratic way to deal with the slavery issue was through ___. Popular sovereignty

18 Hoping to spark a general slave uprising ____ led a raid on a federal arsenal in Harper’s Ferry.
John Brown

19 The ____ was formed in February of 1861 in response to Lincoln’s election.
Confederacy/Confederate States of America

20 In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, ___ accused ___ of being an abolitionist and a supporter of racial equality. Douglas, Lincoln

21 Douglas argued that “slavery cannot exist…anywhere, unless it is supported by local police regulations. This became known as ____ The Freeport Doctrine

22 ____ was the first state to secede after Lincoln was elected President
South Carolina

23 President Buchanan endorsed the _______ because it would make Kansas a slave state
Lecompton Constitution

24 Northerners who objected to slavery’s imapct on free white workers and opposed slavery in the territories were known as ____ Free soilers

25 True or False: The Dred Scott decision ruled that slavery would not be allowed in all future territories. False: ruled slavery would be allowed in all territories

26 Nine Northern states passed ___ forbidding the imprisonment of runaway slaves.
Personal liberty laws

27 The actions of ____ at Pottawatomie Creek triggered dozens of violent incidents and led to Bleeding Kansas. John Brown

28 ___ was based on feelings of mistrust directed towards the increasing number of immigrants and Catholics Know-Nothing Party

29 The ___ included a more effective law requiring people in free states to return fugitive slaves
Compromise of 1850

30 According to the ___ congress could not forbid slavery in any territory because it would interfere with a slaver-holder’s right to own property Dred Scott Decision/Supreme Court

31 President ___ opposed a compromise measure in 1850
President ___ opposed a compromise measure in He died and was replaced by ___ who supported a compromise. Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore

32 True or False: The Compromise of 1850 gave New Mexico land that was disputed with Texas

33 True or False: After the Kansas-Nebraska Act it was assumed that Nebraska would be a slave territory and Kansas a free territory. False: Kansas would have slaves, Nebraska would be free

34 What U.S. Senator originally proposed the Compromise of 1850?
Henry Clay

35 In the Dred Scott case the Supreme Court ruled ____ unconstitutional.
Missouri Compromise

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