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Legal Services NTAP Enhance Your Efforts with NTAPs Toolkit! Gene Donney, NTAP May 2, 2008

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1 Legal Services NTAP Enhance Your Efforts with NTAPs Toolkit! Gene Donney, NTAP May 2, 2008

2 Legal Services NTAP Panelist Control Panel Reduce Panel with GrabTab View Full Screen Mode Move Control Panel (Put cursor on any textured area to drag) Chat (goes to All of You) Smiley Face, red, yellow or green Pen color for annotation!

3 Legal Services NTAP Quick Poll: How Many Have…. 1. Have you attended an NTAP Training before? 2. Have you ever hosted a Web Conference event?

4 Legal Services NTAP Mute Yourself… Press *6 to Mute Yourself. (Pressing *6 again will unmute yourself.) We will mute all participants during the presentation.

5 Legal Services NTAP What Well Cover Today Introducing the NTAP Toolkit New features and updates for the tools Future plans Support & Resources

6 Legal Services NTAP The NTAP Toolkit for Justice LegalMeetings Web Conferencing InterCall Audio Conferencing Poverty Law Survey Tool GIS Mapping

7 Legal Services NTAP A note about NTAPs recommendations We encourage all programs to consider all options. NTAP is not a vendor and does not have a proprietary economic interest in providing these tools.

8 Legal Services NTAP LegalMeetings The legal aid communitys Web Conferencing Project

9 Legal Services NTAP It saved our program time and money on face-to-face meetings. -Jackie Taylor, Georgia Legal Services Program

10 Legal Services NTAP It enables us to implement our national online training program, -Lorraine Jones, National Health Law Program

11 Legal Services NTAP Whats New? New GoToMeeting & GoToWebinar platforms currently being tested in beta. Integrated VOIP GoToWebinar hand raising feature GoToWebinar Meet Now

12 Legal Services NTAP A look at VOIP options A look at the new GoToMeeting Audio Interface. Note the use of both a microphone and headset speakers

13 Legal Services NTAP The New G2M Control Panel Notice the Audio Mode options. Notice the selective muting capabilities.

14 Legal Services NTAP Audio Selections in GoToWebinar No more panelist workaround to achieve audio interaction in Webinar!

15 Legal Services NTAP The new G2W Control Panel Note the hand raising feature. Note the selective muting indicator.

16 Legal Services NTAP Other new features G2W meet now and recurring meeting options. Improved G2W reporting. Integrated VOIP recording (in both G2M & G2W). Mac users will now be able to present and schedule events.

17 Legal Services NTAP Web Conferencing Options LegalMeetings (GoToMeeting & GoToWebinar) WebEx Meeting & Training Center Brevient Raindance Mshow Net Meeting

18 Legal Services NTAP One-on-One Options Team Viewer ( Cross Loop ( 18

19 Legal Services NTAP Poverty Law Survey Tool Free to poverty law and legal aid programs.

20 Legal Services NTAP Whats New? Poverty Law Survey Tool recently redesigned. Currently receiving final live updates to correct bugs. Enhanced social surveying.

21 Legal Services NTAP The Before & After Photos

22 Legal Services NTAP Searching the public library

23 Legal Services NTAP Template Library to help user get started!

24 Legal Services NTAP Browsing Survey Results

25 Legal Services NTAP Other new features Improved user interface. Integrated help content. Simple survey creation. Copy survey feature.

26 Legal Services NTAP Other online surveying options Survey Monkey: $20/month (or $200 per year) Zoomerang: $350 for 3 months (nonprofit)

27 Legal Services NTAP Intercall Audio Conferencing High quality audio conferencing at competitive rates secured for legal aid & justice community partners On-Demand toll-free conference calling with full features.

28 Legal Services NTAP What you should know! 2007 North American Conferencing Company of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan! Reservationless plus available to NTAP partners for 5.9 cents per minute.

29 Legal Services NTAP New offerings you might not know about Other Audio Conferencing options (operator assisted, international) Video conferencing solutions Mobile Tools Special events

30 Legal Services NTAP For more information on InterCalls wide array of conferencing solutions… …contact Angela Lehman at 773.867.7048 or

31 Legal Services NTAP Other Audio Conferencing Options Breviant Audio AT&T

32 Legal Services NTAP GIS Mapping for the Justice Community NTAP continues to develop this project and is working toward a solution for the community.

33 Legal Services NTAP History of GIS in Legal Aid Started in 2003 with TIG grant to LASOC to produce GIS manual LSCs OIG experiments with mapping projects with Georgia programs In 2005 LSC funded LAET in partnership with NTAP to create national server

34 Legal Services NTAP GIS: Plotting the Future National, web based mapping interface Import functionality to enable uploading of program CMS data Highly secure web server Automatic U.S. census updates

35 Legal Services NTAP GIS project challenges Census data updates Server hosting Security Usable interface

36 Legal Services NTAP Email list options Yahoo Groups – free Google Groups – free Mailman – fee based Sympa - a fee based service that is based on another free email list application (similar to mailman).

37 Legal Services NTAP What will the toolkit look like at years end? Operating on two new LegalMeetings Platforms A fully functional, redesigned survey tool Expanded communications solutions available via InterCall Functional GIS mapping interface

38 Legal Services NTAP Questions, comments, concerns & discussion Are there any tools you feel NTAP should be evaluating on behalf of the entire community?

39 Legal Services NTAP Thank you for attending today's Toolkit Training! Gene Donney email: phone: 310-776-7576

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