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Welcome to SWEB125: Launching A Website PR Campaign.

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1 Welcome to SWEB125: Launching A Website PR Campaign

2 Training Introduction NTAP and Pro Bono Net partner together on many of the virtual trainings for web-based technology projects. National Technology Assistance Project (NTAP) offers virtual trainings and provides assistance to legal aid programs across the country on technology and tech-management issues. Pro Bono Net Pro Bono Net is a nonprofit organization that focuses on how legal services programs can use web-based technology to enhance their service delivery systems for clients.

3 Training Materials: All training materials are available online: An email with this link will be sent out to all training participants after the training.

4 How to Use our Training Center Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the participant panel in the upper right- hand corner of your screen. Notice the buttons below the participant list. Then locate the Panels Menu. Notice the Raise Hand, Yes and No Buttons

5 To minimize outside noise, the host will mute all participants during the presentations. We will unmute all participants at points for questions and discussion. Feel free to use the Raise Hand Button to ask a question or type the question in the chat box.

6 How to Use our Training Center Select –Participants –Chat

7 Participants will show you who is on the training. You can raise your hand to ask a questions or check yes or no. Chat allows anyone to post a question, suggestion or answer.

8 You can open the participant and chat boxes on your own screen during the presentation by selecting them from the small icons on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

9 During the training you can post a comment or question to the chat box. If you need technical help please post that in the chat box rather than interrupting the presenter.

10 Training Goals Demystify the process of getting print, broadcast and electronic media coverage Introduce common public relations and outreach tools Learn how to plan and execute a public relations / outreach campaign

11 What do we mean by Public Relations? Public relations is an umbrella term for many communications functions you do already. PR starts at your front door with everyday interactions -- your reception area, voice mail message, website front page

12 What do we mean by Public Relations? Service delivery PR maintains positive relations with those you work with and serve (staff, volunteers, clients, donors) Outreach PR develops relationships with new audiences Engage a wider audience, save duplication efforts, avoid confusion

13 Website and PR Website provides a tool by which to launch a greater PR campaign for legal aid within your community. Core benefit of a statewide website is the ability to create a PR campaign around a single site. Portal aspect of the site allows significant resources to be accessed and learned about through a single marketing campaign.

14 How can public relations boost your website? Increase usage Build credibility Forge relationships with users and partners Penetrate new markets Attract partners and funders

15 Common Public Relations Myths The Internet will do your marketing for you You have to hire a professional to get any results You have to spend a lot of money for your campaign to be successful

16 Tips to avoid the myths: A lot can be achieved using resources you already have creativity, entrepreneurialism, and the ability to engage with people and organizations. Pro bono does not just apply to legal work. Many marketing/PR firms will provide pro bono work and often free/reduced printing of materials to non-profit organizations. Also, many large law firms have PR Marketing departments.

17 Example: In 2005 Georgia Legal Services worked with National Marketing Firm: Trial Graphix to design newspaper ads and promotional materials for their statewide advocate site: Georgia Advocates Website.


19 Common Tools Press releases Press kits Tip sheets / newsletters Bylined articles Brochures and posters Letters to the editor Op ed pieces Community newspapers Press conferences Cable access TV Public speaking Videos, websites or other special media Conferences or information fairs Awards Other special events Advertising



22 Conducting a Media Campaign Christie Constantine, LawHelp/NY Spanish Language Website Media Campaign.

23 Conducting an Outreach Campaign LawHelp Texas Library Outreach Campaign Background on library outreach campaign Advice on strategies and tactics to conduct an outreach PR campaign involving community partners (e.g. libraries) Role of site -

24 LawHelp Texas Library Outreach Campaign Distributing brochures, posters and other information about via the site and partners Placing articles in local media Developing and distributing a video or other special media Publishing a newsletter

25 Feeling Inspired? Plan Lay the groundwork for your campaign: establish your PR goals. Target audience(s) and timeline Implement Choose, develop and distribute the right tools to publicize your message

26 Feeling Inspired? Integrate Use the results to your advantage by integrating PR materials with other marketing efforts Post press releases and clippings to your website Reprint copies for conferences and workshops Send copies to key partners and supporters Update your media contact list for the next round Evaluate your results and make ongoing adjustments

27 Conclusion Successful public relations and outreach dont happen in a vacuum. They are directly tied to your content development, partnership and service delivery strategies. Similarly, your investment in PR and outreach can boost your content, partnership and service integration activities by introducing new audiences to the site, attracting new resources, and serving as a source of feedback on the site.

28 Resources Lots of links to resources online:

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