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1 Take Stock in Kentucky… in twelve easy steps

2 Stock Market Game Internet simulation in which teams develop a stock portfolio of Kentucky companies Program created to teach students about investing in their own state Students learn about Kentucky businesses Students learn about Kentucky economy Adaptable for students from grades 4-12 Offered by the Kentucky Council on Economic Education

3 Teachers receive 18 lessons correlated to Kentucky economics core content Kentucky Stock list with ticker symbols and hotlinks Access to Online Teacher Resource Center Teams of students receive IDs and passwords to their online stock portfolios 10 week statewide and regional competition Can win state prizes (trophy, t-shirts) Can enter InvestWrite competition (national) fee is $10/team


5 3 to 5 students per team Start with $100,000 cash in portfolio Real-life online portfolio for each team Portfolios and rankings updated daily You decide how much time to devote to activity! Go to and find your answers using the linkTeachers New to the SMG section (see next slide) Just getting started?


7 Videos of teacher experiences Classroom resources!

8 Pre post (optional) Pre test your students at Create your own teacher account Select any quiz, any grade level

9 Demos to get you started

10 Divide class into teams we recommend 3 -4 students on each team Team folder

11 @ Need to know: Game you are registering for Number of teams PO (if needed) You will receive email with IDs and passwords

12 Use your Teacher Id and password to access the Teacher Support Center For new teachers

13 Teacher Guide

14 Use these hotlinks for research


16 Student Team Journal Public Goods and Services in Your Community Stock Data Found on the Internet Is Your Stock Going UP/ or Down? Using a Decision Tree Could it be a long term investment?

17 Use the PPTs of simulation

18 Enter ID and Password here This is the homepage for Stock Market Game TSIK Step 9 Students log in!

19 Begin with $100,000 cash Receive.75% interest on unspent cash May borrow up to $100,000 at 7% Trade stocks only from KY stock list Must buy a minimum of 100 shares Minimum stock price of $5.00 Pay 1% brokers fee for buys and sells Receive stock price at close of market Diversification-5 stock minimum and Maximum Equity 30%

20 Students learn to make decisions and work together as a team. Use SMG Team Journal in TSIK booklet

21 Using TSIK Teacher Guide and/or lessons in the Teacher Support Center, try to cover one lesson a week – focusing on concepts like… What is a stock? What causes stock prices to change? Reading stock data Using the news for stock tips! Risk and Reward …(and many more to choose from) Use teachable moments to cover concepts as they come up in discussions.


23 This is the menu page for a team portfolio. In the blue Trading section are links to Portfolio Pages and Investor Research. Students can also pull up the Rules of the Game from this page. 9 5 2 3 Portfolio Pages 1 4 67 8

24 SAMPLE: This is a buy transaction for 150 shares of AKS (AK Steel). You can check on the ticker symbol by selecting the link Ticker Symbol or check the current stock price by selecting Validate Ticker. In the system, stock prices are updated every 15- 20 minutes, however, trades are based on the price at the end of the day. After entering trade data, select Preview Trade. (Note: Short sell/short cover will be covered in later lesson.)

25 This is an Account Holdings page. The Account Holdings provides a listing of stocks currently held in your portfolio, including their net cost and any unrealized gains. Note that Net Cost and Net Cost/Share include the 2% Brokers fee. Unrealized Gains and Losses indicates how much money you have gained or lost on that stock at its current value. Long Position indicates stocks bought; Short position indicates stocks Short Sold (note the negative sign, which indicates these stocks are owed to the broker). Current Price and Current Value are updated every evening. This is cash not spent This link will take you to Enter a Trade

26 This is an Account Summary page. It shows a Cash Balance (available cash to spend), Value of Longs (stocks currently held in portfolio), and Total Equity (portfolio value that teams are ranked on). Want to know what Buying Power or Available Equity mean? Click on the yellow Help for an explanation of all the fields and the formulas in the Account Summary. Selecting Help from any portfolio page will explain that page. This is an Account Summary

27 Sample Ranking Report. (Actual report shows all teams.) Ranking Reports

28 State Awards are granted to the top ranked teams (based on portfolio values (see Teacher Guides for awards) Students can also enter the National InvestWrite essay competition (enter at and win nationally!

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