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Homepage and Login This is a tutorial on entering student team portfolios.

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1 Homepage and Login This is a tutorial on entering student team portfolios.

2 Enter ID and Password here This is the homepage for Stock Market Game access it @ or

3 Stock Market Game Website and Log in: ID's and Passwords Once you've registered your class, you will receive an e-mail within 48 hours that will include your student team ID numbers and passwords, as well as your teacher ID and password. This e-mail will come to the e-mail address you provided on the registration form. If you do not receive team IDs within 48 hours, contact your SMG Coordinator. Sample of e-mail with team IDs and passwords. Teacher ID/password Two team IDs/passwords When entering your ID, use the underline before and after the middle number. Letters are case-sensitive. Dont confuse Os and 0s and Is and 1s.

4 KEEP Passwords Secure Remember: Your teacher ID and password gives you access to the Teacher Support Center and to your student team portfolios. Keep your ID/password in a secure place. Remind students to keep their passwords private among team members only. If a team accesses another teams portfolio and makes trades inappropriately, the transactions cannot (will not) be cancelled by the SMG Game administrators. The SMG System automatically logs off any portfolio that has had no activity after 15 minutes.

5 This is the teams homepage or menu page. From here, teams can 1 view their Portfolio Pages, 2 read the Rules of the Game, 3 Enter a Trade, 4 access Investor Research, 5 access Mutual Funds, 6 change their Password, 7 view their Rankings, 8 check out Outside Links, and 9 Log off. (Note, if you cant see the Log Off button (top right), you will need to change your screen resolution.) 9 5 2 3 Portfolio Pages 1 4 67 8

6 The Team Information box will tell the region this team is in as well as whether the Game is End of Day or Real Time. End of Day means this team will get their stock based on the market price at close of day. Real Time will mean the team will get current stock prices. Lets begin by looking at Rankings.

7 This is the Rankings Page. Teams may be in a regional ranking as well as the overall Coordinator Ranking. This team is currently ranked 21 in a region of 51 teams, and statewide 148 out of 491. Select the links to see the actual Ranking Reports.

8 Sample Ranking Report. (The Coordinator Rankings show top 100 teams. Region reports show all teams.) Ranking reports may be updated daily or weekly, depending on your division. 2A is the date of this ranking. 2B is the current S&P500 value. 2C is the Total Equity in Portfolio and 2D is the % above/below the S&P500 Growth. Your coordinator may have your teams ranking based either on Total Equity, or Compared to the S&P500. (Example: Team AL_8_A117 is performing 6.6427% better than the current S&P500s growth rate.) Note the link at the top Toggle Print Mode Currently Complex. If you select this link, it will take out the gray lines for printing.

9 From the menu page students and teacher can access Outside Links.

10 This is the Outside Links page. These are all excellent sites for stock research and teaching about stocks, investing, etc.

11 From the menu page students can access a link to change their password.

12 Portfolios are password protected to keep other teams/people from accessing student portfolios. Students have the ability to change their passwords. But be sure that teams (and you) keep a record of passwords. If a team changes a password and forgets what they changed it to, you can find it from a link in the Teacher Support Center or contact the SMG Director.

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