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Stock Market Game By: Amber, Jess, Marion, and Ashley.

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1 Stock Market Game By: Amber, Jess, Marion, and Ashley

2 What Is The Stock Market Game? The stock market game is a game that gives students the chance to invest $100000 into a virtual stock market.

3 SMG Team Roles In this game there are roles that each team member has to do, and they are: Jess is the Director, and Lead Data Entry Coordinator Ashley is the Lead Researcher Marion is the Lead Portfolio Coordinator Amber is the Lead Reporter

4 Director The director is in charge of the whole team. They coordinate the efforts of the entire team, make sure that all activities are being completed, and that everyone is treated fairly.

5 Lead Researcher They are responsible for coordinating all the research and summarizing it.

6 Lead Portfolio Coordinator They dont have much to do at first, but a week into the game, they are busy monitoring the teams portfolio transactions. The person keeps a record of all the transactions made to verify that the portfolio data being displayed is correct. They also review the Transaction history, Account summary, Account holdings, and Gains & Losses reports for accuracy.

7 Lead Data Entry Coordinator This person is responsible for the transactions entered into the portfolio. He/she checks the portfolios Pending transactions and Transaction notes section for any error messages.

8 Lead Reporter This person is in charge of compiling all of the meeting notes. Their job is to maintain a current journal of the activities and the status of the portfolio.

9 How To Sell A Stock 1.Log into your stock account. 2.Scroll over portfolio and select account holdings link. 3.Click on the trade option button on the far right of the screen. 4.Make that the trade button you click, is for the stock you want to sell. 5.Click sell option button that appears on the next screen. 6.In the box that is labeled # of shares, put in the amount of shares you want to sell. 7.Click on the preview trade button. 8.Enter your password to your account in the space provided. 9.Click confirm trade.

10 Reflection Marion- I learned how to sell and trade stocks. Ashley- I learned what a stock market is and what a ticker symbol is. Jess- I learned that I dont have the attention span to do stocks. Amber- I learned how to sell and buy stock.

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