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You Can Be an SMG Broker A Project-based Learning Model Using the Stock Market Game Program.

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1 You Can Be an SMG Broker A Project-based Learning Model Using the Stock Market Game Program

2 What is Project Based Learning? Long-term Interdisciplinary Student-centered Relates to real-world issues and practices Driving question Impacts students process skills Visit Buck Institute to learn more about project based learning

3 SMG Brokerage The prestigious SMG Brokerage firm is looking for quality investment professionals. Do your students have what it takes? Who Wants to Be A Broker?

4 You Can Be A Broker Project Purpose & Goals Explore role of investment professionals Simulate duties of professionals Understand risks and rewards of investing Develop and manage a clients portfolio using Stock Market Game Program

5 Team Project Team Decision-making Team Folder of Deliverables

6 You Can Be A Broker I. Interview II. Role-Play III. Develop Portfolio IV. Presentation

7 Interview an investment professional I. Interview

8 Interview Objectives: Seek career information Meeting clients needs Investment strategies Research Portfolio management Ethics Interviewing is a life skill!

9 Interview Process & Deliverables (See handout 1.) Invitation Prepare questions Interview Summary Report Thank you letter Invite back again

10 II. Role Play Assume the role of the investment professional

11 Real people (parents, teachers, colleagues, business people) Fictitious profiles designed by teacher or students Who will be the clients?

12 Determine clients risk assessment Use project assessment quiz Develop own quiz Use quiz provided by broker Role-play! Mock interview! Real interview!

13 Determine Clients Investing Style Conservative Moderate Aggressive Contrarian

14 Lets Try!

15 Role Play - Objectives Understand risk tolerance Determine investor styles Learn about meeting clients needs

16 Role Play – Deliverables (See handout 2.) Client profile Risk assessment quiz Journal of activity

17 III. Develop a Clients Portfolio Develop a client portfolio based on client assessment and investor style

18 Where do we begin?

19 Step 1: Enroll class in the Stock Market Game program ( Use resources in the Teacher Resource Center

20 Step 2: Teach and Learn! types of securities and stock classifications industries/sectors asset allocation diversification

21 Step 3: Research!

22 Step 4: Collaborate on stock selections for client portfolio

23 Step 5: Make buys and build portfolio Diversify!!

24 Step 6: Research and re-evaluate Buy and/or sell

25 Client Portfolio Objectives Identify securities, stock classifications, stock sectors and industries Read & interpret stock data Research prospective companies for portfolio Understand market, economic, and industry conditions that affect stock market Understand importance of diversification Analysis

26 Client Portfolio Deliverables: (See handout 3.) Research data (company profiles, stock data, news reports, analyst recommendations, industry reports, economic reports, etc.) Persuasive writing (stock selections) Portfolio reports Journaling (reflections & evaluations) Pie chart – reflecting diversification Written recommendation of investment plan

27 4. Presentation Make a final presentation to the client of the stock portfolio

28 Presentation Team presentations Use PowerPoint Audience - Invite clients, brokers, parents, other teachers or classes!

29 Presentation-Deliverables (See handout 4.) Profile and assessment of client Charts of stocks in portfolio (reflecting diversification) Charts/spreadsheets reflecting portfolio peaks, valleys, current status Sample portfolio pages

30 Presentation-Deliverables Reflections – why stock has done well or not Projections – how portfolio will perform in 1 year (or 10 years) Future investment strategy recommendations

31 Presentation-Evaluation Use rubric to evaluate content, presentation and organizational skills Allow audience feedback Critique by clients and professional brokers

32 Outcomes: Students will have used: Interviewing skills Computer skills Research skills Writing skills Process skills Presentation skills

33 Questions? Thanks! Susan Sandage Kentucky Council on Economic Education

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