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Russia! Jon Pelletier Period:1 4/27/10. This is were Russia is:

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1 Russia! Jon Pelletier Period:1 4/27/10

2 This is were Russia is:

3 Heres a closer look at Russia

4 This is about the Climate, Geography, and People of Russia Climate: Varying. Because of all the land that Russia covers its climate depends on what area of Russia you are in. It can range from sweltering hot temperatures in the south and sub-artic temperatures in the north. Geography: Russia is about 1.8 times the size of the USA. Terrain consists of low hills, tundra's, vast forests, and mountains. People: There are about 140,000,000 people living in Russia. There are many people in Russia who believe in religion but they dont worship there religion because of seven decades of Soviet rule.

5 Why would You Live There? I would live in Russia because of the vast change of climate and geography. There is every kind of climate for what ever you would want. You can take vacations up north and ski / snowboard the day away. Or you can hit the south and have a nice day on the beach. Russia has a lot to offer to tourists just imagine if you where to be able to see all the sights and live within them. If you lived in Russia you would be able to wake up every Moring to a beautiful sun rise and enjoy life a lot more.

6 Reasons not to live there. If you dont speak Russian then living there will be quite hard for you. Russian in the only major language used there so it would be hard to communicate with others. In addition to the language barrier if you are a actively participant of a church then depending on the area of Russia you may find it hard to find a church that fits your standards.

7 Russian History After 200 years under Mongol rule Russia broke away and was founded in the 12 th century. Russia had rocked back and forth between balanced and unbalanced society between then and 1991 when communism was over through. Now they have turned to a democracy but despite this after communism was taken over by democracy 14 new republics were formed from the USSRs previous land.

8 This is the Internet usage of Russia compared to other countries

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