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Finland Jon Whitin P1D4 4/27/10. Where is it? Finland local map.

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1 Finland Jon Whitin P1D4 4/27/10

2 Where is it?

3 Finland local map

4 Economy Finland exports $57.88 billion and imports $54.1 billion only from 2009. Also it is a highly industrialized, free- market based economy.

5 Geography Finland is partly in the northern circle so it maintains cold temperatures though out the year. This is also because of the influence of the North Atlantic Current, Baltic Sea, and more than 60,000 lakes. Has mostly low flat land and rolling plains interspersed with lakes and low hills.

6 Why I Would Live There? Finland is a very scenic place. With the rolling hills and other features, parts away from the city are truly beautiful. Not to mention Finland being the home of the reindeer and one of the few places you can see the northern lights. Compared to USA they also have a different system on freedom of speech and is a lot more free than other countries. Finland has even held the smartest country in the world in 2008.

7 Quick History Finland only declared their independence from Russia a little over 100 years ago, making them a new country compared to others. They truly got their independence after the Winter War and World War II. Both were really the same war just mashed together. When Russia tried to invade Finland, they fought back and won, using the snow to their advantage.

8 Internet Users From Ten Different Countrys

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