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On the Baltic Sea Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

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1 On the Baltic Sea Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland

2 Objectives Identify the Baltic Sea on a blank map. Identify Poland on a blank map. Describe the physical geography of the Baltic States and Poland. Discuss how capitalism has made life better in Poland and in the Baltics. Explain why the change from communism to capitalism was more difficult for farmers.

3 Eastern Orthodox is the majority religion of Eastern Europe. Terms and Places Capitalism is where people buy and sell freely. Baltic Sea is a large sea in northern Europe. Entrepreneur is a person willing to risk money to start a business. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. GDP or Gross Domestic Product, is a measurement of a country’s wealth. I want to sell it. …and I want to buy it. Mining Farming Manufacturing

4 Baltic States Russia

5 Norway These three little countries are called the Baltic States because they lie on the Baltic Sea. Sweden Finland Poland Russia Belarus Estonia Latvia Lithuania The Baltic Sea Here are their neighbors. Germany Denmark The Baltic states are mostly flat.

6 The Baltic States retain much of their old, charming architecture. However, they also sport very modern cities. The population density is low.


8 Russia The Baltic states have been under the control of Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Russia. Estonia Latvia Lithuania The Baltic nations were all taken over by Soviet Russia in 1940, but regained their independence in 1990 & 1991. The Baltic Sea All three nations have still Russian minorities. Estonia and Latvia have pro-Russian political parties.


10 The Baltic States are slightly richer than other countries in Eastern Europe. Compare the economy of the Baltic States to other countries in Eastern Europe.

11 Are the Baltic States members in the EU? Which of the three nations uses the Euro as its currency? Latvia Lithuania


13 Baltic States Russia Poland

14 In the south, Poland borders the Carpathian Mountains. Most of Poland is also flat.

15 Where is the population of Poland concentrated? rye Most of the rest of Poland is rural. To what do they devote the most land?

16 Poland lies between two powers of Europe – Russia and Germany. It has been invaded by both. Germany’s invasion of Poland is considered the traditional starting date for World War II. After Germany was defeated in Russia, the Soviet army ran through Poland while chasing the retreating Germans back to Berlin. Poland does not have hard borders like mountains or deep river valleys. Currently, Poland would like to develop better trade with Ukraine and Belarus. However, Russia would like to have more influence over these countries.

17 Poland’s economy is growing. (This chart is for 2009.)

18 Poland participates in the EU, but does not use the Euro as its currency.


20 Like much of Western Europe, Poland is strongly Catholic. Typically, the Pope has been Italian, but in 1978 the Catholic church elected a Polish pope – John Paul II. He helped end Communist rule in Eastern Europe.

21 In 1980, Polish workers began protesting communist rule under the now-famous union banner of Solidarity. In 1989, after nearly a decade of clashes between the government and Solidarity activists, democratic elections were held, and the country was renamed the Republic of Poland. In 1990, the Polish Communist Party was dissolved.


23 Pirogues, potato, Sausage, and kraut Red cabbage and sour cream Kopytka (Potato dumplings ) Fried pork

24 Which body of water is the Baltic Sea? The Baltic Sea Which country is Poland? Poland The Baltic Sea Ukraine Belarus Romania Lithuania Latvia Estonia Germany

25 Borders Which countries are referred to as the “Baltic States”? Sweden, Norway, and Finland Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Poland and Belarus Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland On what body of water are Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania? The North Sea The Baltic Sea The Adriatic Sea The Caspian Sea Physical Geography Which of the below best describes Poland and the Baltic States? The land is mostly flat, with mountains in the south of Poland. The Baltic Nations are rugged hills, but Poland is flat. The Baltic Nations and Poland have forest-covered mountains. Both Poland and the Baltic have wide steppes good for grain.

26 Population Density The population of the Baltic States is: Higher than the most of Eastern Europe. About the same as the rest of Eastern Europe Much lower than the most of Eastern Europe Economy How does the economy of the Baltic States compare to the rest of Eastern Europe? Higher than most of Eastern Europe. About the same as the rest of Eastern Europe Much lower than the rest of Eastern Europe Which country uses the Euro? Poland Estonia Lithuania Latvia

27 Please read “Poland.” World Studies: Europe and Russia. Pearson-Prentice-Hall, 2005. pgs. 174.


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