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Confluence Wiki Implementation? 14 June 2010. Agenda What? Why? Wow! How? When? 2.

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1 Confluence Wiki Implementation? 14 June 2010

2 Agenda What? Why? Wow! How? When? 2

3 What 3 In the spirit of trying to continue to accomplish one of ICANNs core values and missions Remaining accountable to the Internet community through mechanisms that enhance ICANN's effectiveness ICANN periodically reviews and evaluates its operational tools against effectiveness. ICANN wants to replace SocialText wiki, currently be utilized by all the SO/ACs such as the At-Large Community with that of a structured wiki to better help consolidate and centralize information. The new wiki that was selected for implementation is called Confluence by Atlassian.

4 Why 4 Four main reasons for ICANN wanting to make this change: 1)Supports the community better, through a similar tool to what is being used today: has stronger search capability, can utilize rich text editor, and wiki mark up as well as HTML format on-line templates can easily be set up 2)More user friendly: Better editor Auto complete features 3)Stronger security/permission needs: Have much more granular permissions settings Can restrict access on specific pages, sections and/or workspaces 4)Costs less: yearly maintenance fee will be less requires less ICANN IT personnel resources to support

5 Wow (factors) 5 Confluence Wiki has strong version control that eliminates loss of data problems when multiple users edit the same pages. Interface allows for tabs at the top and more hierarchical organization of pages. This is coupled with significantly better search capabilities. Macro capabilities allow for import and view of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents without loss in formatting. At-Large community members will be able to create their own wiki pages.

6 How 6 Phased roll-out approach – over a 6 month period The phased roll-out will consist of : Introduction Piloting and Planning – we are doing this now Basic training Guidelines for operations – develop and publish a draft Provide access to page – has begun Migration of data – what, where, when Review and develop updated design direction (if needed) Archiving plans – what is the approach/plan? Begin to populate space Begin operating in new space Announce new Confluence wiki space availability to all Both sites working simultaneously for 3 months (view only in the social wiki with note added)

7 When 7 Timeframe: from July 2010 through December 2010 July – Introduction and begin basic training September – Migration of data and begin design adjustments October – Begin full operation of new wiki December – Notify and close down SocialText wiki

8 Next Steps Publish Confluence Wiki roll-out plan Begin roll-out in Brussels – conduct initial basic training on June 20 th (Sunday) Review and further development of the At-Large site 8

9 Thank you

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