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CustomWare Australia - United States - Malaysia - New Zealand - Singapore.

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1 CustomWare Australia - United States - Malaysia - New Zealand - Singapore

2 Australia - United States - Malaysia - New Zealand - Singapore CustomWare Wiki Wednesday – May 6 th 2009 Wiki as a CMS and JSON Based Mashups

3 Introduction Welcome A bit about myself A glimpse of this presentation Wiki (Atlassian Confluence) CMS JavaScript Object Notation Mashups

4 Wiki? An online repository of pages which utilises a simplified markup language and encourages its users to contribute. Very freeform, the structure is dictated almost solely based on the users that are using it. Publically accessible implementations:

5 Advantages of Wikis Quick to pick up (wysiwyg editors for beginners) Flexible and customisable Extensible (macros) High level of control over the display and content (using direct wiki markup) Version history and a sense of ownership

6 Atlassian Confluence Enterprise wiki Fine grained permissions for restricting access and capabilities of users Simple to extend (via user macros, plugin extensions, etc.) Microsoft Office integration

7 Content Management System A means of creating, editing and managing digital media Some key features include: Version tracking Defined user base Assigning roles to users Ability to publish content

8 Confluence as a CMS Confluence has quite a number of functionalities which make up a standard CMS Using a set of labels and permissions, we can mark content to be published similarly like we would in Confluence

9 Confluence as a CMS - Advantages Separation of the backend (content) with the interface (website), giving the users and editors different views Easy collaboration between editors Ability to integrate with various other services (via plugins both bundled and open source in Confluence)

10 Mashing it all up Why limit yourself to one content source when you can have it all? With the growing popularity of website integration and online APIs, there are plenty of free services that we can leverage from By using data and functionality from various online sources, we can build content rich websites with minimal effort

11 JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Lightweight form of data-exchange that is easily parsed and legible Based on the JavaScript language but is language independent (can be used with Java, C#, C++, C, Python, Perl, etc.) Becoming widely used in various technologies (Confluence, Flickr, Google code)

12 Mashups – Integrating the Internet

13 Advantages of Mashups Lower hosting costs (as content is not hosted locally, capability of delegating data processing to the user through AJAX) Consolidates relevant data Dynamic content Flexible and customisable Simple and fast integration of many data sources and functionality

14 Questions?

15 Resources Contact Details Name: Bo Wang Email: Homepage: Presentation Resources Presentation Slides: JSON: http://www.json.org Atlassian Confluence:

16 Thank You Australia - United States - Malaysia - New Zealand - Singapore

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