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Russia Chapter 13 Section 1 Sweeping Across Eurasia

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1 Russia Chapter 13 Section 1 Sweeping Across Eurasia

2 Western Russia vs. Eastern Russia
Some geographers view Europe and Asia as one continent instead of two. These geographers call that continent Eurasia. These geographers divide Russia into 2 regions known as European or Western Russia and Asian or Eastern Russia. ?Based on the map above, what physical feature divides Russia into two regions?

3 Animated Map Questions
Classzone 1.What is the name of the largest country in the world? 2.What forms the borders between European Russia and Asian Russia? 3.What Russian river is the longest river in Europe? Russia Ural Mountains Volga River

4 Similarities and Differences
European or Western Russia Asian or Eastern Russia Most of European/Western Russia is covered by the Northern European Plain. Rich farmland. Many rivers which are used for transportation. More densely populated. Climate is milder. Russian capital city of Moscow and other largest cities all located in Western Russia. Asian or Eastern Russia is the largest. The huge region of Siberia is located in the East. Many of Russia’s resources like iron ore, gold, copper, and oil are located in the East. Eastern Russia’s climate is much colder having river’s frozen most of the year. Sparsely populated

5 Russia’s Tundra Tundra- The tundra is located in far northern Russia. The tundra is a flat, treeless plain with long harsh winters and short mild summers.

6 Russia’s Taiga Taiga- is a vast forest that lies south of the tundra. It is the largest forestland in the world.

7 Russia’s Steppe Steppe-The steppe is the grassland plain that stretches south of the taiga. Rich, fertile soil covers much of the steppe.

8 Climate Map of Russia

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