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Russia and the Republics: Landforms and Resources

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1 Russia and the Republics: Landforms and Resources
Chapter 15 Section 1

2 Russia and the Republics
This area is one sixth of the earth’s surface

3 Northern Landforms Can be divided into four different areas
Northern European Plain West Siberian Plain Central Siberian Plateau Russian Far East

4 Northern European Plain
Extensive lowland area that stretches over 1,000 miles from the western border to the Ural Mountains Chernozem, one of the world’s most fertile soils, is found here Many of the regions agricultural areas are located in this plain 75% of the population lives here it is home to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev (the capital of the Ukraine)

5 West Siberian Plain The Ural Mountains separate the Northern European Plain and the West Siberian Plain Ural Mountains also considered the dividing line for Europe and Asia West Siberian Plain lies between Ural Mountains and Yenisey River


7 Central Siberian Plateau
Lies between the Yenisey and Lena Rivers Uplands and mountains are the dominant landforms High plateaus with average heights of 1,000-2,000 feet make up the plateau

8 Russian Far East Lies east of the Lena River
Has a complex system of volcanic ranges This is area is part of the volcanically active “Ring of Fire”


10 Southern Landforms The Caucasus and Other Mountains
Caucasus Mts stretch across the land that separates the Black and Caspian Seas These mountains form the border between Russia and Transcaucasia Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia

11 Central Asia Area that includes the republics of:
Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikstan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Very mountainous region; mountains are so high that they have prevented moisture from entering the region from the south Main Mountains in this region are the Tian Shan Also contains the Turan Plain Extensive lowland that lies between the Caspian Sea and mountains and uplands of Central Asia (very dry)

12 Rivers and Lakes Some of the largest rivers in the world flow through Russia Ob Yenisey Lena Deliver water to the Arctic Ocean Volga- longest river on the European continent Delivers water to the Caspian Sea

13 Also boasts some of the world’s largest lakes on the planet
Caspian and Aral Seas are both located in Central Asia Caspian- saltwater lake; largest inland sea in the world Aral- also saltwater; losing water at rapid pace Lake Baikal Deepest lake in the world (can reach depths of one mile deep) Hold’s 20 percent of the earth’s fresh water

14 Resources Abundant resources
Huge reserves of coal, iron ore, oil, natural gas, and Petroleum deposits Forests hold 1/5 of world’s timber resources Resources are difficult to extract due to the harsh conditions especially in the area of Siberia The part of Russia that lies on the continent of Asia

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