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University of Florida. Location: Gainesville, Fl.

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1 University of Florida

2 Location: Gainesville, Fl

3 3 Historical Facts: In 1853, the state-funded East Florida Seminary took over the Kingsbury Academy in Ocala. The seminary moved to Gainesville in the 1860s and later was consolidated with the state's land-grant Florida Agricultural College, then in Lake City. In 1905, by legislative action, the college became a university and was moved to Gainesville. Classes first met with 102 students on the present site on Sept. 26, 1906. UF officially opened its doors to women in 1947. With more than 50,000 students, UF is now one of the largest universities in the nation.

4 Academics: Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy Doctoral Degree in Nursing Sciences Masters Degree in Master of Science in Medical Sciences & Clinical Investigation

5 Admission Requirements: ACT Test Score requirement: On the ACT with writing, a composite score of 19 is required with a minimum of 17 on the English subsection, a minimum of 19 on the math subsection and a minimum of 18 on the reading subsection. SAT Test Score requirement: A combined score of at least 1330 on the critical reading, math and writing sections of the SAT (with writing), with a minimum score of 440 on each. GPA requirement of 2.0 $30.00 Application Fee

6 School Expenses: Resident of State/ In State Student: Undergraduate tuition + Room & Board (Living on Campus)= Total Budget : $5,020 + $5,300 = $10,320 Non- Resident of State/ Out of State Student: Undergraduate tuition + Room & Board ( Living on Campus) = Total Budget : $20,140 + $5,300 = $25,440

7 3 Extracurricular Activities: Track & Field Skim boarding Club Gymnastics

8 Statement: My senior year I plan to apply to the University of Florida because it has a great nursing program that will help me to peruse a master degree in Medical Sciences and maybe to peruse a Doctoral Degree in Nursing Sciences.

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