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University of Wisconsin -Madison By Kamryn Pettigrew GO BADGERS!!!!!!!

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1 University of Wisconsin -Madison By Kamryn Pettigrew GO BADGERS!!!!!!!

2 Supportive Reasons Have obtained background information Outstanding academic program for any major Many programs for before and after school Many different choices for majors Great campus (very big)

3 What sparked my interest in this school ? The amount of student Great ratings for the school I picked this because family is near by Varity of major options Many student opportunities Sport options Language institute

4 Student life Where do most students live? – most students live in dorms What do students do for fun? –sporting events, programs, and organizations Number of students- about 45,000 to 154,000 Percentage of students- 48.6% male 51.4% female Ethnic breakdown – African American– 1,235 Asian American- 2,240 Hispanic- 1,583 Native American-382 Native Hawaiian- 80 Type of school- Public school

5 GPA, SAT,ACT/course requirements GPA- 3.0 to 3.5 SAT- at least 2,100 ACT- at least 31 Minimum course requirements for nursing- chemistry, biology, and advanced biology are strongly recommended

6 Available scholarships Art- Elizabeth Sewell scholarship in art metals Sports- Allen J and Shafer J memorial scholarship,Meyerhoff awards for leadership, service, and scholarship,Peter Rogot scholarship fund,George Hamel Undergraduate scholarship fund

7 Majors to choose from and average size of each class Biology major Pre medicine major Workshop Major Interior design major Globe culture major Plant pathology major Average size in each class- 50 to 100 people

8 Tuition, fees, room and board and other cost Tuition- $23,000 to $40,000 per year tuition Fees- 4 years resident $1,613.84 non-resident- $4,238.80 Minnesota- $2,123.52 Room and board- added into total cost Other cost- sports events $10 per ticket for student $20 for extra

9 Most popular major and programs Major’s Doctoral and Professional degree Psychology History Economics Biology Political Science

10 Unique information Many recreational sports Visiting activities for guest 387,815 living alumni This is the degree type and number of students that are in each section Bachelor’s 4,296 Master’s 1,093 Ph.D. 200 Professional 667


12 Sources, phone number, email address and website Phone number- [608] 262-0920 Website- Email-

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