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Welcome to the Parent- Teacher Orientation

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1 Welcome to the Parent- Teacher Orientation 2011-2012
Third Grade Expectations at Highland Elementary School with Mrs. Bragg & Mrs. Crane

2 Methods of communication
Planner-nightly Newsletters (teachers)- every Thursday (P.T.O.)- Signed paper’s- every Thursday or Notes- either in planner or sent in “Homework Folder” Voice mail- Call school and ask for specific teacher’s voice mail.

3 How to reach our websites:
Go to the Madison County School District Website at Go to Schools (The blue hyperlink at the top.) Click on School Web Sites Click on Highland Elementary School Click on teacher’s name We will begin to post the newsletters, and other important information on there for you to use.

4 Classroom Rules: Follow directions the first time they are given.
Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise. Stay on task at all times. Keep up with supplies and assignments. Raise your hand for permission to speak out unless you have permission to do otherwise. Keep a positive attitude.

5 Class Schedules: Library Flex Times: 8:00-9:20 everyday except Tuesday and 11:50-12:30.
Bragg: Monday Computer 1:10-1:50 Tuesday Music 12:30-1:10 Wednesday P.E. 1:10-1:50 Thursday P.E. 12:30-1:10 (A: Week) Music (B: Week) Friday Library 1:10-1:50 Crane: Monday Library 1:10-1:50 Tuesday P.E. 12:30-1:10 Wednesday Music 1:10-1:50 Thursday Music 12:30-1:10 (A: Week) P.E. (B: Week) Friday Computer 1:10-1:50

6 Items you should see every day!
Planner Take Home Folder-green folder (Homework sheets i.e. spelling, language, Saxon) Reading book Vocabulary spiral Your child will be held accountable for any lost or damaged textbooks.

Homework Policy: Written homework should never take more than thirty minutes. We assign students things that you can look for on a regular basis, as well as: Projects and extra credit work. You are a vital part of your child’s education and we need your help: checking over your child’s homework (accuracy and completion), reading to and with you child, and providing a quiet place with assistance as your child learns how to study. WE NEED YOU TO BE OUR GREATEST CHEERLEADERS FOR THE CHILDREN!

8 Regular Reading/Language Arts Assignments:
Monday- Complete definitions, read story of the week, and study spelling words. Tuesday- Study spelling and vocabulary words. Wednesday- No written assignments; read and study for comprehension and vocabulary test. Thursday-Study for spelling and language tests. Friday- None- You are more than welcome to let your child write their definitions ahead of time, &/or study.

9 “Signed Paper’s Folder”
Your child’s folder will be sent home every Thursday!! Your child’s graded papers will be in the folder along with the weekly newsletter, and any information you may need for the week. Please sign and return the folder with the papers on Friday. These grades will be placed on Active Parent no later than the following Monday afternoon.

10 Lunch Please do not send any items to school that must be heated/refrigerated. Students will keep up with their own lunch money. need to be kept current. You may check your child’s account balance & pay on-line. Students may purchase only one extra item per day. The cafeteria offers chips, drinks, a slush, and even ice cream. Cost- Breakfast $1.50 Lunch $2.50 If you did not receive a lunch form please let us know tonight.

11 Absentees & Tardies Any time a student is absent, they must return to school with either a note from a doctor or a parent concerning the child’s absence. Otherwise the absence will not be excused. If your child is tardy you must bring them inside and sign them in at the office.

12 Grades/Promotion Grading Scale Promotion Requirements A 90-100 B 80-89
F 64-Below Student must make a yearly average of 65 or higher in the following subject areas: Reading Language Arts Math

13 Items to place on your calendars:
August 17th Boy Scouts Meeting August 18th Boy Scouts Meeting in 6p.m. August 19th Fall Fundraiser kick-off August 24th Flat Titan Project is due. August 26th Spirit Cart August 29th Fall P.T.O. Meeting September 5th Labor Day- school closed September 5th - 9th Homecoming Week September 8th School Pictures Homecoming September 9th Homecoming September 16th Movie Night

14 Arrival & Dismissals Students may beginning arriving at school at 7:00 a.m. Students will be counted tardy after 7:30 a.m. Please make sure your child knows how they will be getting home each day. Any changes in transportation must be written by a parent and signed by the principal.

15 Scholastic Books Your child will be given the opportunity to order from Scholastic Book Clubs. We hope that you will please order books for your child. As you know reading is then great way to ensure you child’s success in school! Every time you order and you order online, our class will receive a free book! user name: cherie crane password: highland user code:

16 Are there any questions?
Welcome Are there any questions?

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