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Slide 1 FastFacts Feature Presentation December 20 th, 2007 We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number:

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1 Slide 1 FastFacts Feature Presentation December 20 th, 2007 We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number: 877-322-9648 Participant code: 182500

2 Slide 2 Todays Topic Well be taking a look at… Enhancements that have been made to the animal procurement shopping cart New fields that have been added to the shopping cart for animal purchases How to use these enhancements to complete your transaction

3 Slide 3 Todays Presenter Sharon Molander – Administrator for Animal Resources – 410-955- 3273.

4 Slide 4 Session Segments Presentation Sharon will walk us through the enhancements that have been made to the animal procurement shopping cart. During her presentation, your phone will be muted. If you would like to submit a question during the presentation, you can email it to: Q&A After her presentation, well hold a Q&A session. Well open up the phone lines, and youll be able to ask questions. Sharon will answer as many of your questions as time allows.

5 Slide 5 Session Segments – Continued Survey At the end of this FastFacts session, well ask you to complete a short survey. Your honest comments will help us to enhance and improve future FastFacts sessions.

6 Slide 6 Introducing New Fields for Animal Carts Animal Procurement Shopping Cart Enhancements

7 Slide 7 Agenda Today, well be taking a look at enhancements that have been made to the animal procurement shopping cart. Protocol and prerequisites New fields added to shopping cart Which ones are mandatory and which ones are either or fields How and where to enter data Completing the transaction Helpful information

8 Slide 8 Protocol Institutional Animal Use Care Committee approval is necessary for all vertebrate animals used in testing, research, and training in the University. All investigators will be required to provide protocol approval numbers at the time of ordering animals or arranging for billing.

9 Slide 9 Before You Start You must have the SRM Requisitioner role to use the HopkinsOne Shopping Cart for animal purchases. You must have a JHED LID and password to login to the SAP portal at:

10 Slide 10 NEW FIELDS ADDED TO SHOPPING CART FOR ANIMAL PURCHASES New Fields If you establish default settings, they will apply to each line item in the cart. Click Extended Details.

11 Slide 11 New Fields Category – Live Animals Document Type – ANPO (Scroll to bottom of shopping cart and click the Check button to make the new fields appear.) Protocol Number – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee # required (r) PI Full Name – Last name, first name (r) Category – B, C, D, or E from the IACUC protocol required (r) Age – How old, i.e. 5 weeks – (r) Click

12 Slide 12 Note: We are now viewing the other three additional fields. New Fields Weight – Be specific (r) Sex – M or F (r) Housing Area – i.e., Ames Hall, Mudd Hall Asthma Allergy, BRB (multiple suites at this site - always put suite number or room number) (r) Click

13 Slide 13 Description – Detailed Quantity – Quantity you want to order Price/Limit – Enter the price if you know it. If you do not know the price, put $1.00 in this field. (Animal Services will apply the correct price.) Entering Data Category – Should always be live animals (will default if established in default settings) Required on – The day you want the animals to arrive Click the magnifying glass to add additional information for this line item.

14 Slide 14 Expandable Fields Each item can be expanded by clicking the corresponding arrow button. Enter the Vendor Product Number if you know it.

15 Slide 15 Key in appropriate I/O or Cost Center. Cost Assignment G/L account no. will default to 633034. Collapse Cost Assignment.

16 Slide 16 Ship-To Address Click the binoculars to view delivery address list.

17 Slide 17 Ship-To Address Click Start to see the list of delivery addresses.

18 Slide 18 Ship-To Address Click Street to sort by address number. This is the address number.

19 Slide 19 All animal orders must have the delivery address of either 1721 E. Madison Street or 4940 Eastern Ave. Ship-To Address Click here to select this delivery address.

20 Slide 20 Sources of Supply You MUST select the vendor from the list below by clicking the radio button. Click Assign Vendor after selecting a vendor. You cannot search for the vendor or type the vendor name in. If you do not see your vendor, scroll through the list.

21 Slide 21 Sources of Supply Collapse Sources of Supply/Service Agents.

22 Slide 22 You MUST follow all the steps for every line in the shopping cart. Instead of re-entering them, use the copy line function. Completing the Transaction Name your shopping with the following information, P.I. name, vendor, date order submitted. All animal orders need a second approval in your department. Click Approval Preview to see who has approval authority in your department. You can add notes for the approver to see in the Notes for Approval area. Click Order to send your cart for approval. Click Check to check for errors and fill in any missing information.

23 Slide 23 Useful Information Orders must be received by Animal Services by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday for delivery the following week. NCI orders must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Common problems with carts are missing protocol numbers, vendors, P.I. names and housing areas. If Animal Resources has to change your order in any way (e.g., for delivery date, price, quantity), the cart goes back to you for approval. The order cannot be placed with the vendor until you approve the change. Check your R/3 In-box each day. Blanket Orders do not require a separate line item for each delivery date. Quantity should equal the total number of animals you want for the duration of the blanket order. Include the desired delivery schedule (e.g., 3 mice delivered each Tuesday for the period April 3 – April 24, 2008) in the Vendor Text box in the documents and attachments section (see slide 14). Remember to click COPY TEXT.

24 Slide 24 Resources Animal Care and Use website Animal Resources Use of experimental Animals at Johns Hopkins University (download.pdf from page) HopkinsOne Support Purchasing Shared Services

25 Slide 25 Q&A Were going to open the phone lines now! There will be a slight pause, and then a recorded voice will provide instructions on how to ask questions over this conference call line. Well be answering questions in the order that we receive them. Well also be answering the questions that were emailed to us during the presentation. If theres a question that we cant answer, well do some research after this session, and then email the answer to all participants.

26 Slide 26 Thank You! Thank you for participating! We would love to hear from you. Are there certain topics that you would like us to cover in future FastFacts sessions? Would you like to be a FastFacts presenter? Please email us at:

27 Slide 27 Survey Before we close, please take the time to complete a short survey. Your feedback will help us as we plan future FastFacts sessions. Click this link to access the survey… Thanks again!

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