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Slide 1 FastFacts Feature Presentation May 28, 2009 We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number: 877-468-2134.

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1 Slide 1 FastFacts Feature Presentation May 28, 2009 We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number: 877-468-2134 Participant code: 182500 © 2009 The Johns Hopkins University. All rights reserved.

2 Slide 2 Todays Topic Well be taking a look at… Monthly financial statements of sponsored activity for faculty

3 Slide 3 Todays Presenter Steve Hinnenkamp, Director of Financial Systems Administration, in the JHU Controllers Office

4 Slide 4 Session Segments Presentation Steve will provide an overview of the sponsored reports being sent to faculty. During Steves presentation, your phone will be muted. Q&A After the presentation, well hold a Q&A session. Well open up the phone lines, and youll be able to ask questions. Steve will answer as many of your questions as time allows.

5 Slide 5 Contact Us If you would like to submit a question during the presentation or if youre having technical difficulties, you can email us at: You can also send us an instant message! GoogleTalk – AOL Instant Messenger – HopkinsFastFacts MSN –

6 Slide 6 Survey At the end of this FastFacts session, well ask you to complete a short survey. Your honest comments will help us to enhance and improve future FastFacts sessions.

7 Slide 7 Monthly Statements of Sponsored Activity for Faculty

8 Slide 8 Overview In our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of the user community, financial statements for sponsored activity are being distributed to principal investigators (PIs). Joint effort by: Faculty Advisory Committee Enterprise Business Solutions JHU Controllers Office

9 Slide 9 Statement Distribution Statements are distributed to the principal investigator listed on the sponsored program. Statements are sent via email using the address available in JHED. Only sent to Hopkins addresses Statements are sent only if the sponsored program had postings during the month. Reports contain: Month-end actuals Commitment balances as of the report date

10 Slide 10 Reports Overview Summary report with a high-level overview by sponsored class. Includes direct and indirect cost balances, totals for monthly activity, inception-to-date balances, and percent of budget and time utilized. Summary Report Lists all non-payroll related expenditures for the current month. Revenue, salary, fellowships, fringe and facilities and administrative (F&A) are excluded. Transaction Report Summary of outstanding commitment balances, including Purchase Order balances. Salary, fringe, and fellowship commitments are excluded. Outstanding Commitment Report Salary detail for all employees paid during the current month. Report will include postings for salary transfers made that impact prior months. Salary Report Report reflects outstanding salary commitments by employee. Fringe and post-doc medical insurance are excluded from the report. Salary Commitment Report

11 Slide 11 Summary Report One page summary report by sponsored class. Lists monthly totals and inception-to-date balances. Calculated totals for direct and indirect cost balances. Important considerations: Signs are flipped for revenue for easier interpretation. Future salary commitments are capped at the budget end date when the budget end date is greater than month–end date.

12 Slide 12 Summary Report Budget Period Examples Month-End Date: 4/30/2009 Example 1 Budget End Date: 6/30/2009 Project End Date: 6/30/2010 Report includes salary commitments through 6/30/2009 excludes salary commitments between July 2009–June 2010 Month-End Date: 4/30/2009 Example 2 Budget End Date: 3/31/2009 Project End Date: 6/30/2010 Report includes all salary commitments in the system

13 Slide 13 Transaction Report Transaction detail for all non-payroll expenditures during the month. Doesnt include: Salary Fellowships Fringe F&A Includes Post-Doc Life and Disability Insurance. Other Expenses Sponsored Class – 642500 GL 654013

14 Slide 14 Outstanding Commitment Report Outstanding commitment balances by reference document number. Provides ability to review commitment balance detail. Includes purchase order balances. Document numbers beginning with 2 (i.e., 2000035039). Commitments as of the report date. Revenue, salary, fellowships, fringe, and F&A are excluded. Commitments for Post-Doc Life and Disability Insurance may extend into the future and are capped at the budget period end date.

15 Slide 15 Salary Report Salary detail for all employees paid during the month. Includes salary, administrative salary, and fellowships. Includes salary transfers processed during the month. Identified as records with End of Pay Period dates prior to the reporting month. Fringe is excluded (fringe is included on the Summary Report).

16 Slide 16 Salary Commitment Report Report reflects future salary commitments by employee. Includes salary, administrative salary, and fellowships. April 2009 report will cover May 2009 forward. Salary commitments capped at budget end date where relevant. Commitment balance and commitment end dates reported up to the budget end date. Fringe and Post-Doc Life and Disability Insurance are not included. Total salary commitments equal Summary report except when: Pending Salary Transfers or Special Checks Hung Salary Commitments from prior periods

17 Slide 17

18 Slide 18

19 Slide 19

20 Slide 20 Salary Report Example

21 Slide 21 Salary Report – Continued

22 Slide 22 Salary Commitment Report

23 Slide 23 Additional Examples Calculations on Summary report Outstanding commitments Understanding why salary commitment totals may differ between the Summary and Salary Commitment reports For more information see:

24 Slide 24 Summary Report Calculations

25 Slide 25 Outstanding Commitments

26 Slide 26 Salary Commitment Inconsistencies Summary Report

27 Slide 27 Salary Commitment Inconsistencies Salary Commitment Report

28 Slide 28 Salary Commitment Inconsistencies BW Report

29 Slide 29 Conclusion Sponsored reports for faculty were designed to be concise and informative. Future enhancements to the statements administrators receive are planned. Support is available and your feedback is appreciated. Contact Financial Quality Control: 410-516-3277

30 Slide 30 Were going to open the phone lines now! There will be a slight pause, and then a recorded voice will provide instructions on how to ask questions over this conference call line. Well be answering questions in the order that we receive them. Well also be answering the questions that were emailed to us during the presentation. If theres a question that we cant answer, well do some research after this session, and then email the answer to all participants. Q&A

31 Slide 31 Thank You! Thank you for participating! We would love to hear from you. Are there certain topics that you would like us to cover in future FastFacts sessions? Would you like to be a FastFacts presenter? Please email us at:

32 Slide 32 Survey Before we close, please take the time to complete a short survey. Your feedback will help us as we plan future FastFacts sessions. Click this link to access the survey… Thanks again!

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