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Standards Education Program Steve Mills Chair, Standards Education Committee 15 November 2008.

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1 Standards Education Program Steve Mills Chair, Standards Education Committee 15 November 2008

2 Standards Education Committee Structure l Joint committee of the EAB and the SA l By Charter l Eight voting members: l Four appointed by the EAB l Four Appointed by the SA l Up to four corresponding members l Two from each from EAB and SA l Anyone with an interest is encouraged to participate

3 SEC Members and Participants l From EAB: l Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou, Moshe Kam, Donna Hudson, Marios Savvides l From SA: l Steve Mills, Mary Saunders, David Law, Paul Nikolich l Corresponding Member: Bilel Jamoussi l 13 additional participants or guests, including: l Ted Bickart, Malcolm Thaden, Todor Cooklev, Amin Karim, Karen Bartleson, Stuart Kerry

4 Standards Education Committee Mission lPromote the importance of standards in meeting technical, economic, environmental, and societal challenges. lSecure and disseminate learning materials on the application of standards in the design and development aspects of educational programs. lSecure and provide short courses about standards needed in the design and development phases of professional practice. lActively promote the integration of standards into academic programs. lLead other education initiatives planned jointly by EAB and the SA as needed.

5 Standards Education Activities Tutorials and Case Studies University students and educators Available online at no cost to the public Mini-grants to students and faculty mentors Graduate and capstone design projects Industry standards component. Published as Student Application Papers Expert Now library Promotion and review of new Standards courses Planning and execution of standards workshops Practicing professionals Repository of information on standards education programs Actively promoting the standards education program and participating in key standards education organizations and conferences

6 2008 Activities l Primary focus is on fulfilling terms of NSF Grant l SEC Accepted Proposals for 5 new tutorials and 4 new case studies l SystemVerilog (based on IEEE Std 1800) in production l IEEE 802 Tutorial l IEEE Std 802.16 (WiMax) Tutorial l Intellectual Property Tutorial and Case Study l Metric Units: Two tutorials and three case studies l SEC Approved 4 new proposals from students for projects and student application papers: l Wireless Wearable Motion Sensors for Use in Medical Care l Wireless Body Area Networks for Healthcare l Optimal Configuration for IEEE Std 802.15.4 l Hardware Firewall for Computer Networks

7 2008 Activities l Redesign of IEEE Standards Education website was completed l Web domains purchased: and l Conducted market research in order to establish long-term plans for future standards education workshops or conferences l 1,057 IEEE Members participated l Respondents indicated that they (57%) or others in their company (67%) would be interested in training on technical standards l 41% responded that they would be likely to very likely to attend an in-person workshop l SEC approved new IEEE Policy Paper, The Role of Technical Standards in the Curriculum of Academic Programs in Engineering, Technology and Computing l Next steps: seek approval of the Educational Activities Board and the Standards Association Board of Governors and then move forward to the IEEE Board of Directors l To be used in model curriculum development and in discussions with accrediting bodies

8 2008 Activities l Outreach and presentations l Region 8 Student Branch Congress/GOLD Meeting in London l Sections Congress l Industry Advisory Group on Education at PES l Call for Tutorials, Case Studies and Student Application Papers Participating in International Committee for Education about Standardization (ICES) activities Presentation on Standards Education by Dr. Moshe Kam at NIST Standards Education Conference l Strategic Value of Standards Education published by the Center for Global Standards Analysis l Formalized SEC procedures and processes l Available on the website l Held monthly teleconferences, with two face-to-face meetings l Encouraged open participation in the Committees work

9 2008 Activities l SECs end of year, face-to-face meeting, at IEEE on Monday, 17 November, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM in Morse l Everyone is welcome!

10 Thank You!

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