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IEEE EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES Program/Activity Summary Litsa Tzanakou IEEE VP, Educational Activities 11 November 2008.

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1 IEEE EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES Program/Activity Summary Litsa Tzanakou IEEE VP, Educational Activities 11 November 2008

2 Promotion Highlights Participating in the November Membership Development Webcast Developing materials for the RWEP EA Newsletter being developed – wireframe to be available in mid-November EAB Awards promotions beginning in December EPP - Career Accelerator Forum Virtual Trade Show Great Success!!! 2009 Promotional Plan in development

3 Educational Outreach Programs Summary Teacher In-Service Program –In 2008, 4 Training Workshop conducted with over 300 participants, –83+ In-Service Presentations to 1848 teachers representing over 200,000 students ETC Portals – – Portuguese Version, 11 New Lesson Plans – – New portal in development Engineering Societies & Educator Associations Collaboration – UEF grant –Outreach to 1450 teachers/school counselors at educator conferences –School Counselor Tutorials developed IEEE Presidents Scholarship –Lead Judge identified – Intel ISEF 2009- Reno, NV –Intel ISEF 2010 – San Jose, CA NAE Engineering Equity Extension Service (EEES) –3 Train-The-Trainer Modules in development

4 EAB Administration The rules and regulations that govern the IEEE OUs are embodied in IEEE Bylaws, Policies, and Constitution. EAB Admin is responsible for the seamless oversight, maintenance and compliance of these governance documents EAB Paperless Chronicles EAB Web Repository Historical Record of EAB

5 University Programs US Accreditation –Online PEV Training –ABET Training Committee and Web Team Beta Testing –IEEE – SME Assessment Tool Global Accreditation –The Caribbean Accreditation Council for Engineering and Technology (CACET) was formed and joint declaration signed establishing council as part of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) –EAB and China Other University Activities –Academic Members needs survey currently in beta test –Real World Engineering Project (RWEP) in final round for 2008, website fully populated and promotional activities are underway –Anotehr Technical English Program scheduled for December 2008- St. Petersburg, Russia. We had one in May 2008. –Biometric Summer Series scheduled for May/June 2009 University of Toronto

6 IEEE Certification Program Status Summary Current programs –CSDP (live, program launched 2002) –CSDA (program was live as of May 08 in N.A. and Sept 08 outside N.A.) –WCET (program was live as of Sept 08 ) Programs in development –Biometrics (finalizing BOK and recruiting committee members, exam specifications meeting scheduled for Dec 08) Programs under considerations –IC Chip Design (market assessment conducted and results are under review by CEDA) –Service Innovation (planning industry roundtable to explore interest/demand) Possible Future Programs –Systems Engineering (initial discussion with Systems Council officers will take place during Nov meeting series) –Reliability Engineer (ASQ seeking partnership for existing program; not likely because of limited program potential) –Power Engineering (no activity to date)

7 Standards Education Program Developing standards-related on-line Tutorials and Case Studies primarily aimed at university students and educators –SEC Accepted Proposals for 5 new tutorials and 4 new case studies IEEE 802 Tutorial IEEE Std 802.16 (WiMax) Tutorial Intellectual Property Tutorial and Case Study Metric Units: Two tutorials and three case studies Offering mini-grants to students and faculty mentors for graduate and capstone design projects with an industry standards component. Results are published as Student Application Papers –SEC Approved 4 new proposals for projects and student application papers: Wireless Wearable Motion Sensors for Use in Medical Care Wireless Body Area Networks for Healthcare Optimal Configuration for IEEE Std 802.15.4 Hardware Firewall for Computer Networks SEC approved new IEEE Policy Paper The Role of Technical Standards in the Curriculum of Academic Programs in Engineering, Technology and Computing Conducted market research in order to establish long-term plans for future standards education workshops or conferences Looking for opportunities and subject matter experts to develop new standards-related courses for the Expert Now library

8 Web Conferences (Webinars) Intended to serve as a introduction to a topic Presented by experts in the field Pilot presented 17 October 2008 –Introduction to Biometrics by Arun Ross, West Virginia Univ. Future events to be promoted for live participation –Also recorded and posted for future viewing

9 IEEE Expert Now Summary 75 modules currently available 90+ modules to be available by yearend Exploring new production partners and new learning management system opportunities Updated acquisitions strategy focuses on topic selection based on market research and customer feedback, advanced materials, bundling of modules, and opportunities for new partnerships with content providers 2009 Society budget allocations total $400K We need a significant two-year investment in expanding number of Expert Now modules separate from Society sponsorship Section-Chapter Pilot Program going well with 18 events in 2008 & another 8 planned for coming months

10 CEU Program A Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized method of quantifying the time spent learning during professional development and training activities. IEEE is an Authorized CEU Provider through the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET), and has adopted IACET guidelines and criteria for all its continuing professional development programs. Increases attendance at IEEE meetings/conferences due to added quality and perceived value Meets state licensing boards and employer CE requirements

11 Thank you

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