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Welcome, Panel of Examiner and Process Development Members! Washington State Quality Award PEPD #1 Training 2008.

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1 Welcome, Panel of Examiner and Process Development Members! Washington State Quality Award PEPD #1 Training 2008

2 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 2 First things first! THANK YOU! WSQAs mission: Improving the way we live, learn, and work in Washington by helping organizations improve through the use of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence

3 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 3 Objectives For This Class WSQA Overview Ethics Review PEPD Time commitment PEPD Roles and Responsibilities Lite and Full Examination Process Review

4 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 4 Introductions Name, organization, what you do Questions and expectations? What do you like to do when youre not working? PEPD Members

5 1. WSQA organization overview

6 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 6 What is WSQA? Created by State law to: Promote excellence Recognize achievement Educate and train Patterned after the Baldrige National Quality Award Awards presented annually by the Governor Awarded to private, public, and not-for-profit organizations in manufacturing, service, education, and healthcare

7 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 7 What is WSQA? WSQA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by Corporate donations Individual memberships Workshop, collaborative and conference fees Many (many, many!) volunteer hours

8 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 8 Who is WSQA? Examiners Lite Assessment Full Assessment Certification follows assessment Senior Examiners Level 3 Team Leads Scorebook Editors Panel of Examiner & Process Development (PEPD) Mentors Panel of Judges Board of Directors Advisory Panel Executive Director and support team

9 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 2. WSQA Ethics Review Ethics Statement Conflict of Interest form and statement 9

10 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 10 Conflict of interest issues WSQA seeks to avoid conflict of interest to protect process integrity Conflicts are frequent! First step in assignment process: determine any conflicts

11 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 Conflict of Interest Exercise Pick any organization (not yours) Complete the Conflict of Interest form for that organization 11

12 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 3. PEPD Time Commitments Monthly meeting 1 ½ hour Lite team mentoring Quarterly E-mails ½ hour Review examiner inputs stage 1- 1.5 hour Follow up with team members-.5-1hour Review consensus comments- 2 hours Consensus meeting 4-6 hours TOTAL 10 hours for lite process Team involvement 1-2 hours /month (optional) TOTAL TIME COMMITMENT: 4- 6 hours/month 12

13 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 4. PEPD Roles & Responsibilities Process Ethics Process Integrity- Team follows process Process Completion Examiner growth- Mentoring Process Improvement Monthly meetings Examiner training input Process improvement input 13

14 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 PEPD TEAMS Examiner Training Process Review Governance Repeat Applicant Process 14

15 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 5. WSQA Full and Lite Process Comparison Table- website Time Table – website 15

16 Stages of the Assessment Process

17 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 17 Preparing for independent review Read the criteria Read the application Familiarize yourself with the online tool Site: Login information in email from WSQA Training at (part 1) and (part 2) Check in with Team Lead on Key Factors and after entering category 1 and associated results

18 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 18 Independent review 1.Select the most relevant Key Factors (from list) 2.Read the criteria for the category 3.Read (and annotate) the relevant section of the application 4.Identify and record the applicants processes 5.Record observations. Note missing responses and significant observations 6.Recommend a scoring range for the category

19 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 19 Independent review steps - process 1.Review related criteria 2.Read the category under review, take notes 3.Select relevant key factors from list 4.Identify & record processes 5.Record observations on ADLI: Approach Deployment Learning Integration 6.Identify any significant or missing responses

20 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 20 Record observations on ADLI Learning refers to Refining the approach through cycles of evaluation and improvement Encouraging breakthrough change to your approach (innovation) Sharing refinements and innovations with other relevant work units and processes

21 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 21 Record observations on ADLI Integration refers to the harmonization of Plans Processes Information Resource decisions Actions Results Analyses to support key, organization-wide goals

22 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 22 Record observations on ADLI Questions to ask in analyzing Integration Do the individual components of a performance management system operate as a fully interconnected unit? Is the approach aligned with the organizational needs identified in the Organizational Profile?

23 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 23 Process diagnosis: key concepts Integration examples: Alignment of objectives and action plans with strategic challenges AND mission, vision, values Alignment of product/service delivery methods with KEY customer requirements Alignment of key process measures with KEY customer requirements

24 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 24 Results evaluation: key concepts Letci

25 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 WSQA Consensus: Step-by-step

26 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 WSQA Consensus: Step-by-step

27 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 WSQA Consensus: Step-by-step

28 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 28 Consensus preparation and call(s) Each Examiner responds with agreement, suggestions for changes, or disagreement, stating rationales Category Lead facilitates consensus Team Lead and/or PEPD mentor leads final scoring discussion Can take anywhere from 4-8 hours (depending on what?)

29 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 29 Comment, scoring considerations Benefit of the doubt Give credit for whats in the application Dont penalize for incidental exceptions Not every process must show complete DLI Not every results example must include TCI

30 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 30 Comment, scoring considerations For LITE, only one score for entire results Category 7 Propose a score for results related to your categories Be prepared to reach team consensus for all of Category 7 Using scoring language can help the applicant understand comments and score

31 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 6. Examiner Software Down load manual and webinar from our website: Log on to Examiner software at: 31

32 WSQA Return Examiner 2008 32 THANK YOU!! Your support and participation as Examiners helps us all by helping WSQA fulfill its mission!

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