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Driving Energy Innovations Anil Wali FITT 18.11.2010.

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1 Driving Energy Innovations Anil Wali FITT 18.11.2010

2 Global Power Accessibility 1.5 billion people – no access to electricity (85% live in rural areas……energy poor) 1.0 billion people – unreliable / intermittent supply $35-40 billion / year (UN estimates) investments till 2030 to clear deficiency – extending energy grids Economist, Sept 10 Rising costs of conventional fuel, environmental concerns and finite reserves are forcing us to look at alternative clean energy sources.

3 Alternative / Renewable Energy Options WindSolar BiomassBio-fuels OceanicGeothermal HydroNuclear In 2008 about 19% of Global energy consumption came from renewables Today wind power is growing @ 30%, world wide installed capacity (2009) : 158 GW; cumulative Global PV installations > 21 GW but that is hardly enough The winds of the plains are sufficient to power all the electrical demand of India Solar radiation from just 3% of the world's deserts could power all global demand

4 Innovation..needed on multiple fronts Energy Management / Policy Energy Sources Energy Storage Energy efficient devices / appliances Environment-friendly processes ------------------- Access - universal, affordable & sustainable

5 Innovation Landscape …..developed world In the age of innovation, the green theme is throwing up a broad and bewildering array of new companies ; many promising clean-energy startups are hitting the market with products and services that could radically alter how we think of, and consume, power. Billions of $s of Venture and Federal support is greatly fostering Green Technology and Energy Innovations

6 Achates Power, San Diego - testing a clean-burning diesel engine. Conventional engines have one piston in each cylinder. Achates' design has two, an approach that delivers more power in less space, and boosts mileage Verdant Power, New York - slow-moving underwater turbines converting the water's flow into electricity for a nearby community – operations being scaled up Solazyme, San Francisco - uses microalgae to produce clean and scalable fuels and "green" chemicals MiaSole, Santa Clara, Calif. – a maker of thin-film PV modules using Cu-In-Ga-Se on flexible polymers that can be used as roof tiles and can generate electricity as economically as gas- fired power plants. InEnTec, Bend, Ore - Using ultra-hot plasma to convert wastemedical, radioactive, industrial, municipal, and even old tires into syngas for use in producing transportation fuels Bloomberg Business Week – Companies to watch in Energy Tech, 2002-08 These Cos are starting to gain traction with real, innovative products and services for sale, they are not yet publicly listed, not yet household names, but all have bona fide venture capital backing

7 Cleantech innovations Ref… Cleantech Gp …Feb10 Hybrid Energy Technologies (Canada) – low-cost rechargeable alkaline battery in a flat plate format – improved current rates and charging times Nexeon Ltd (London) – silicon-based anodes for Li-ion batteries (Imperial Innovations incubator) Saltworks Technologies (British Columbia) – to reduce the cost of desalination by 50% compared to reverse osmosis by reducing power consumption Aquamarine Power (Edinburgh) – wave energy power plant D.Light – solar-powered systems (12 hrs of light after I day charging in sunlight); Basic solar lantern - $10, universally affordable at $5

8 Clean Technology IITD Startups Technology Business Incubator (TBIU) at IIT Delhi since 2000 …(operated by FITT) EnNatura – printing inks form vegetable sources Sun Urja – energy efficient inverters Global Motortech – motor design (energy efficiency) 6/7 star*

9 Solutions based on new knowledge - eg nanotechnology, process technology etc Carbon nanotubes have the ability to make parts of cars or aircrafts lighter, influencing the fuel consumption. Catalytic nanoparticles improve the catalytic performance of fuel cells or batteries Nanoscale devices in semi-conductor components can reduce the power consumption per bit processing / or bit storage Polymers are being explored as new fundament for solar cells Storage of methane / hydrogen for fuel cells by carbon nanotubes. 2002, Shenhua a chinese co along with a subsidiary of US Co Headwaters – a nanocatalysis-based coal liquefaction plant to produce clean-diesel fuel

10 EPA recognition…. 2010 LS9, Inc : LS9's game-changing technology platform uses a one-step fermentation process to convert renewable raw materials into a broad portfolio of low-carbon petroleum replacement products, including LS9's UltraClean(TM) Diesel and surfactants, which LS9 is commercializing with one of its strategic partners, P&G. 2009 Virent Energy Systems, Inc Virent's BioForming ® process is a water-based, catalytic method to make gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel from the sugar, starch, or cellulose of plants that requires little external energy other than the plant biomass..

11 Pushing for energy cooperation, innovations …China By Chen Jia (China Daily), Sept 2010 104 S&T cooperative agreements (with 97 countries) - Climate change, energy and environmental protection are the priorities. Ministry figures : More than 10 billion yuan ($1.47 billion) allocated to R&D of energy conservation and emissions reduction technologies during the 11th 5-Year Plan (2006-2010). "To give full play to the supporting and leading role of science and technology in energy conservation and emissions reduction, China has taken active steps to stimulate innovation," …..Zhang Laiwu, Vice Minister of MST For example, it has developed its own new multi-nozzle entrained-flow gasification technology, which enhances gas heat transmission, and exported it to US energy companies. China is also the first country in the world to reveal the relationship between soot formation and coal metal in the coal-burning process. According to the MST, China has built the world's first 500-watt dye-sensitized solar cell pilot system and now produces the biggest number of solar cells in the world. The country will also soon complete its first MW-level tower-type solar thermal power plant. "China is pushing forward key pilot projects on energy conservation and emissions reduction," - Through the LED Lighting project, more than 1.6 million LED lights have been used in 21 pilot cities across China, which can save more than 164 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

12 Energy sector in India : mainly regulator-driven and service delivery innovations : Tariff setting process that supports use of electricity in staggered manner Standards and labeling program to set minimum energy performance standards and display energy consumption levels on the appliances. Remote data acquisition by the utilities to understand end-use load profile. Advent of energy services companies (ESCOs) to implement technical interventions at the customers premises and to share the savings in a pre- contracted manner. Policy instruments and promotional measures for encouraging conscious switch- over to energy efficient electrical appliances like CFLs and LEDs for residential and commercial applications eg Bachat Lamp Yojna for CFL promotion by BEE. Resource mobilization for promotion of renewable energy through a state-level green power development fund created out of cess collected from the consumers. Demand side interventions … …… Dr Archana Patankar, Innovation Management, June10

13 Strategy for Innovation For innovation R&D alone is not enough. New business models are also required. Focus on both technology push and market pull. Bottom-up energy entrepreneurialism ought to be encouraged. eg in S Asia where millions, mostly in rural areas, who have no access to electricity use local biomass eg In Bihar, Husk Power Systems uses an old diesel generator fitted with biomass gasifiers to generate power for a community of 600 families – village level micro-grid. Strengthen both seed and late-stage support to innovators and entrepreneurs. Integration of complimentary grass-root technologies. Public procurement as a policy tool – Govt. should become the primary customer.. satellite imagery & communications, IC chips in 60s etc Greenhouse gas reduction can be treated as a public good - Can empower the Govt to move energy technologies into society to achieve the desired benefits …………….Nature, July 2010

14 Thanks for your attention This is also to acknowledge those whose work may have been cited in this presentation without formal request

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