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Patanjali Food and Herbal Park

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1 Patanjali Food and Herbal Park

2 Role of agriculture, horticulture and food processing in India cannot be overstated. Food processing sector is poised to become one of the largest sectors in India in terms of production, growth, consumption and export. We WELCOME you to participate in this journey by associating yourself with Patanjali Food and Herbal Park. We would like to present a glimpse of all the facilities and services available at Food Park which would help you tremendously to make your unit viable and profitable in the least time at the Food Park.

3 Patanjali Food and Herbal Park has been created under the Mega Food Parks Scheme (MFPS) by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India during the 11th 5-year plan ( ).

4 PFHPL, the first of its kind public-private partnership has been established in the hill state of Uttarakhand in India. It is aimed at creating state of the art processing facilities in the major agricultural/horticultural clusters in the country. It will also create an opportunity to attract investment in the infrastructure for food processing in general paving the way for processing a range of value added products.


6 Prospects for Investors
Opportunities for Entrepreneurs


8 PFHPL offers a complete business opportunity to a new or existing investor/entrepreneur in the field of Food Processing.  Patanjali Ayurved Limited is the leading partner in this Food Park. PFHPL has complete environment and all necessary facilities so that an investor can start generating revenue in the least amount of time. It has a convenient business-worthy location, which is extremely well-connected, complete with necessary infrastructure starting from electricity and water to labour and hi-speed broadband. To add to this is the raw- material supply setup, cold-rooms for material storage and loss prevention and a central lab for testing food samples. To add to this you would avail a tremendous support of PFHPL team on all local matters to help you set-up and fly instantly.


10 Haridwar-Laksar Road, Foothills of Shivalik range-thus close to hills and also accessible to plains
Nearest Airport at Jollygrant-40 km Nearest Railway Stations Haridwar 15 km and Laksar 18 km Directly connected to Delhi, Dehradun Ambala and Moradabad by NH-58, NH-45, NH-72 and NH-24 Easily accessible nearby markets

11 Abundant land in Food Park with further provision of expansion
Abundant land in Food Park with further provision of expansion. 84 acres (0.34 sq. km) at present

12 Built area in form of ready-to- move-in offices, sheds and warehouses





17 Centralized Office space available in the Administrative Building
Dry Warehouses with a capacity of MT. Advanced warehousing and material handling system for grains World class central laboratory for in-house testing Over-head Water Tanks Sewage Treatment Plant-Capacity 60 MT/day Water Treatment Plant Capacity ETP Capacity 550 MT/day 15 T + 6 T steam Boilers available Compressors Integrated Cold chain facility with a capacity of 2500 MT including Pre-cooling chambers, Ripening chambers, Variable Humidity stores, Multi commodity Cold storages and Reefer Room (Capacity 2500 MT) Crates & Crate washing Weigh-bridge (Capacity 60 MT) Multi commodity automated washing and grading unit Parking for commercial vehicles Parking for private vehicles Inhouse packaging units Internally connected metalled roads through all units/sheds Excellent drainage system Transportation facilities for employees Dedicated wi-fi and leased-line Broadband connectivity in the campus Dedicated internal security force










27 3200 KVA sanctioned load Captive Power generation of 1.5 MW through owned Bio-gas plant Uttarakhand has industrial electrical power at the rate of Rs per unit which is the cheapest in the country.


29 Uttarakhand plains are rich in water.
To add to this we have following capacity: Internal R.O. Plant litres/hour Demineralised Water Capacity litres/hour Soft Water litres/hour Raw Water litres/hour


31 Easy connectivity to Mandis in Dehradun (70 km), Haridwar (15 km), Mangalor (30 km) and Roorkee (40 km), Muzaffarnagar (70 km), Nazibabad (60 km) and Saharanpur (80 km). Connected to Backward Linkage/Primary Processing Centres- Lal Tappar, Kotdwar, Bhaguwala, Bajpur, Devprayag and Budhana Connected to 16 Collection Centres in Uttarakhand and Western Uttar Pradesh More than 3000 vendors of machines, packaging, raw-material associated






37 Easy availability of labour around Food Park
Currently Food Park employs 5000 labourers and about 1 lakh labourers are available in the nearby industrial areas like Sidcul.

38 Proficient and professional team to manage Food Park
Food Park has more than 200 technically qualified employees whose services can be availed by all the units.

39 All statutory licenses in place
Easy loan availability from lead banks due to high project viability. Punjab National Bank is our lead banker which has supported us throughout convinced upon the viability of the Food Park. PNB has its nearest fully computerised CBS branch at 1.5 km Village Dhanpura.

40 Patanjali brand with national and international reach
85000 retail outlets-accessible to Patanjali products much more can be tailored/customized to suit your specific needs.

41 Already 12 successful units running including units for Packaging material and Containers e.g. flour mill, candy plant, digestives unit, juice plant etc. Co-packing facility-Tetra Pak and Volpack Multi-fruit juice processing line Neutraceutical Processing Line PET and HDPE line Corrugated Boxes line




45 the prospects Fruits based Vegetable based Dehydrated fruits
Pulps, Paste & Concentration Juice & Beverages Jam, Jelly, Candy, Sauce & Murrabba Fruit Extract & Aroma Vegetable based Frozen Cut Vegetables Dehydrated Vegetables Pulp, Paste & Sauce Vegetable Extract & Aroma Pickles Heat n’ Eat Packs Chips and Wafers Oils like Olive etc. Sauces, chutneys etc.

46 the prospects Cereals & Grains based Flour Mill Pulses Mill Dalia mill
Ready To Eat Extruded foods Papad, Pasta and Noodles Breakfast Cereals like cornflakes and museli Breads and Biscuits High Protein-foods Weaning foods Oils like Mustard etc.

47 the prospects Milk based
Ghee Paneer Cheese Butter Khoya Canned Sweetmeats Icecream Powdered or spray dried extracts like Amla Powder, Tulsi, Wheatgrass etc. Tea packing-Organic, Ginger, Masala etc. Aerated Water and Soft Drinks

48 the prospects Sugar Cane based Paddy based Cane Juice Jaggery
Raab and Khand Demerara Sugar, Crystal Sugar Vinegar Paddy based Rice-bran Oil Rice-husk for Paper & Fuel Spent-bran cake as Cattle feed

49 Patanjali Food and Herbal Park, Village Padartha, Haridwar-Laksar Road, Haridwar Uttarakhand Contact:

50 Plots- Rs. 2/sq. ft. monthly
Factory-sheds- Rs. 12/sq. ft. monthly RCC Building- Rs. 18/sq. ft. monthly Applicable taxes extra Minimum lease period-11 years Minimum plot area-2000 sq. ft. Minimum factory-shed area-2000 sq. ft. Minimum RCC area-5000 sq. ft.

51 Depending upon the Business Entity Type- Partnership/Corporate Bodies (Private/Public)/Sole Proprietorship Documentation-Partnership Deed/Incorporation Certificate /MOA & AOA, etc In case of Company/ Partnership Details of partner with Name, Address, Date of Birth, Father’s name, directorship held by such directors in any other company/or detail of partnership firm in which he is a partner PAN card copy of all directors Address proof of all directors Board Resolution for establishment of factory/plant etc or Entering into agreement for establishment of plant in Food Park. An agreement to be entered into by & between Food Park and the party concerned

52 Sales Tax Registration
Central Sales Tax Registration Service Tax Registration Mandi Tax Registration- if any PAN Card of the Business Entity Balance Sheet of Last 3 years Bank Statements Acknowledgement of filing of I.T. Return last 3 years On the following points PFHPL would extend utmost support at the local level Factory License Pollution Certificate Electrical Load Registration Labour Act Registration


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