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Index Introduction Mission statement Mission & Vision Scope Of Business Partners & Agencies Ajjawi Staff & Org. Chart Ajjawi Site & Facilities Logistical.

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2 Index Introduction Mission statement Mission & Vision Scope Of Business Partners & Agencies Ajjawi Staff & Org. Chart Ajjawi Site & Facilities Logistical Data

3 Introduction The company was established at 1981 by the late Mr. Hamza Ajjawi. Since the year 2000, the company been managed by Mr. Bashar Ajjawi and Mr. Bashir Ajjawi. Ajjawi is a registered trade mark that stands for honesty and credibility. In terms of quality and excellence, Ajjawi company is the pioneer in redefining quality and excellence standards for the Palestinian people. Ajjawi company simply believes that Palestinian customers deserve the best. With rich tradition and advanced management, Ajjawi is the best business partner in Palestine.

4 Ajjawi Mission Statment Ajjawis young management strives to delver the best products and best services to the internal and external customer. Putting quality and excellence in all business doing as top priority in order to service the community and to meet the social responsibilities.

5 Ajjawis management is determined to continue the growth of the company. Ajjawi will diversify its investment portfolio and focus on its exciting brands by exceeding customers' expectations and achieving market leadership. Ajjawis Group Vision

6 Ajjawis Group Mission To invest in the emerging Palestine market and to focus on quality and excellence

7 Scope Of Business Real Estate - Ajjawi Group is heavily Invested in Real Estates. Investment in real estate are in Palestine and Jordan. Ajjawi investments are in Housing, Office Building, and Possession of Land. Automotive division - Ajjawi Group established Prestige Car Co. LTD in 2011. Prestige car is the official distributor of Nissan Motors in North Palestine. Ajjawi core Business - Ajjawi Group is a leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) distributor in Palestine, Ajjawi Group is a sole distributor for many well known food brands together with a solid importing line.

8 International Trade Marks and Agencies Partners & Agencies

9 International Trade Marks and Agencies Partners & Agencies

10 Ajjawi Staff A Devoted Team 45 Employees. Highly professional & trained staff. In house marketing, sales, logistics & commerce. In house state-of-the-art data processing. Modern and well equipped facilities. A fleet of transport vehicles.

11 Ajjawi Org. Chart Ajjawi Group Ajjawi Group Managers 3 Personnel Warehouse10Personnel Office 8 Employees Sales Force & Logistic 20 personnel Nissan showroom 7 Personnel Total Team Member: 48 Personnel - Managers 3 - Sales Force 10 - Office Employs 8 - Drivers 7 - Warehouse employs 10 - Nissan showroom 10

12 Real Estate Business

13 Car Showroom Team of 10 Employees -Managers 2 - Sales dealers 3 - Office Employees 3 - Area Employees 2 Prestige Car Business

14 Total area: 2,200 sq. meters. Administrations office - 150sq. Meters. Parts warehouse Building Extension – 200sq. Meters. Showroom area- 1,850 Sq. Meters. 40 cars displayed at the same time. Car Showroom Site

15 Ajjawi Group have one of the largest Retail Distribution Network in Palestine which covers over 1500 POS through different trade channels covering 75% of local stores in Palestine. Our Distribution net works is as follows: 1. Wholesalers 2. Sales Representatives for medium size stores and chain stores 3. Specialized Agents to Restaurants and Hotels 4. Free lancers that target smaller villages Ajjawi Group Distribution network

16 Our network layout enables us to effectively and easily penetrate a product to the market and position it as market leader in a relatively small time-span..

17 Total area: 6,000 M2 Building area: 4,500 M2 Warehouse: 2,450 M2– 9m. Height. 750 M2– 7.5m. Height. 3000 pallets can be stored simultaneously. Expanding: Another 5000 M2 planed to built by the end of year 2012 Logistical Data

18 Private area for loading and unloading, including parking Logistical Data Loading / Unloading

19 Logistical Data Spacious Storage Dry storage Chocolate storage Food storage Advanced system controlling temperature and humidity Optimal conditions for each product Controlled Environment

20 Efficient co-packing unit Technical Data Co-packing Area

21 Logistical Data Efficiency heavy and light commercial vehicle fleet

22 Ajjawi first store opened to the public at 1981. since then this store still the flag of the group in servicing and examining the market trends from a first hand output. 1981 it stared here:

23 Our selection is picked from the best brand names in the world: We Import We Market We distribute Simply We do it all

24 We Commit To TAKING NEW PRODUCTS INTO DELIBERATE SUCCESS Attracting new customers into purposeful achievements

25 We Commit To You

26 Your brand will receive: Full understanding of its uniqueness: Tailor made optimal marketing plans Meticulous implementation All your special marketing requirements will be met Quality promotions Smart marketing communications The advantage of Ajjawe Co. umbrella

27 Your products: Will be available at all relevant outlets Will be professionally displayed Will reach the consumer at time of need at their best condition

28 Come and be a part of our success


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