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Vision & Investment Opportunities May 24, 2011 1.

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1 Vision & Investment Opportunities May 24, 2011 1

2 1. Rationale, vision and national objectives 2. Investment opportunities 3. Incentives 2

3 1. A strategic location 2. Proximity to Asian markets and to energy fields 3. Availability of raw materials: limestone, silica, basalt, etc. 4. Abundant fish resources 5. Land availability {1,680 sq km} 3

4 1. Balanced regional development 2. Job creation 3. Economic growth 4. Economic diversification 5. Promotion of tourism 6. Widening non-pecuniary benefits of FDI 4

5 Duqm is a modern city recognized as the best location in the Middle East to do business in and one of the best to live in. 5

6 Strategic dimensions: social and economic Integrated approach to development Multimodal transport system Production linkages to the Wusta region Duqm is a duty-free zone An industrial estate zone A more liberal regulatory system Emphasis on clean environ. & Omani values 6

7 Duqm Steering Committee Government ministries & Agencies Duqm Authority Investors support services Engineering/Planning & Environmental Marketing and promotion Regulatory affairs 7

8 8

9 Private sector involvement is important There are three major forms of participation: Type A: Government procurements (GP) Type B: Private Public Partnerships (PPP) Type C: Private Business opportunities (PBO) Risk & return magnitudes distinguish one from the other 9

10 GP PPP PBO Return Risk 0

11 1. Port superstructure 2. Port expansion 3. Road network 4. Water distribution network 5. Electric distribution network 6. Sewage network to STP 7. Airport Phase 3 8. Expansion of desalination plant 9. New power plant 11

12 9. Public parks 10. Rock garden (MOT) 11. Landscaping 12. Inter and intra bus stations 13. Consulting services 14. Project management 15. Fisheries port & other facilities 16. Government buildings 17. Environmental lab 12

13 Power generation plant Solid waste collection Landfill (hazmats and non-hazmats) construction and management Industrial liquid treatment plant Wind and solar power facilities Management of the industrial area Airport operator Management of the industrial estate zone 13

14 Raw Material Base Proximity to Customer Base Cleantechs/ renewable energy Cleantechs/ renewable energy Lifesciences Automotive Inorganic Chemicals (Caustic Soda, Soda Ash) Oil Refining Building & Construction Materials (Cement) Fishery & Aquaculture Petrochemicals ICT Food & Beverages Supporting Services Logistics Minerals (Basalt Fiber, Glass) Minerals (Basalt Fiber, Glass) Marine Services* Software and IT Services Recycling & Waste Recovery* Business Services Engineering Services* 14

15 Commercial centers Land development for mixed use Low cost workers housing Hotels & tourist resorts Entertainment venues for different ages Various warehousing facilities: open, covered, cold, frozen, etc. Professional workshops Medical clinics Private education 15

16 1. 100% foreign ownership 2. Free repatriation of profits & capital 3. No currency restrictions 4. No minimum capital requirement 5. Exemption from import & export duties 6. Zero personal income tax 16

17 8. Pre-built offices, warehouses & light industry 9. A true one-stop shop window 10. Quality customer service to meet international standards 11. Company registration in < than one week 12. Sales to domestic & GCC markets duty free 17

18 13. Simplified and flexible customs procedures 14. Long term land lease (up to 25 years) at competitive prices 15. Access to first rate infrastructure 16. Online portal to provide 24/7 access to Duqms services 18

19 Contacts to be with Duqm Steering Committee (DSC) For GP: check Tender Board website For PPP & PBO: contact DSC with the following info: Describe project, capacity & business plan Planned capital investment Labor employment: Omanis and expats Startup date of construction & expected completion date Land requirement & blue prints Any other requirements Land allotment awaits Master Land Use Plan 19

20 20

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