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WELCOME to JBT Food Tech presentation Food Town Concept Bulgaria 2014-04-23-24.

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1 WELCOME to JBT Food Tech presentation Food Town Concept Bulgaria 2014-04-23-24

2 Coldchain - Frozen & Chilled Production Retail Transport Wholesale Transport Storage Consumer

3 3 Distribution Chain Frozen Foods -26 -18 -23

4 FOOD TOWN CONCEPT Large scale operation and higher utilization of space Advantages in Higher quality and economical service Location close to distribution area or production area Operation of Freezing facility can be on base of leasing Ideal complex in size of 50 -100.000 m2 Location close to truck road and rail connection ( if possible) Central refrigeration system for other facilities for food processors Central logystic. Increase of profitabuilites and saving capital investment

5 Collectively utilization of: Water supply Central freezing facility Machine maintenance Security Service Transport of the staff Quality control Laboratory service Central office service Power own supply Energy saving with heat pumps Internal transport Central Store protective Clothing Fork lift trucks from central pool

6 Investment 6 ProductionStorageTransport

7 Products Flow 7 Distribution Storage From Production Area Long Distance Distribution Local distribution Import Export

8 Stock variation of various commodities 8 Vegetables Butter Ice Cream MeatFish Ready meals

9 Occupation of the Cold Store 1 9 >85% of occupation 1 2 3 4 The cost /kg of product to store In any warehouse is very much Depending of utilization of the store For entirely full Storage cost is half of the storage which is half full

10 Regional distribution Processing plant 10 123456 Average transport 1 t Distribution Depots

11 Regional distribution with direct distribution Processing plants Distribution depots 123456 Central cold store Average transport up to 7 t Average transport 14 t

12 Investment cost 12

13 Operation cost 13

14 Transportation cost 14

15 Food Town in Helsingborg 15

16 Some facts Total capacity: 230.000m3 Room no 31 has 30.000m3 with 26.000 position pallets. Movable rack system Rooms 1-8 where build in 1950 with meat handling operation system and freezer 130t/day Storage temperature -30 oC Total capacity 90.000 pallets Order assembling room no 25 Yearly handling pallets 600.000 30 forklift – trucks and 3 narrow aisle-truck with air condition inside 16

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