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CONSTITUTION Chapter 6. Supporters of Stronger Government *Land Speculators *Large Landowners *Manufacturers *Creditors.

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2 Supporters of Stronger Government *Land Speculators *Large Landowners *Manufacturers *Creditors

3 Virginia (Madison) calls for convention to discuss commercial issues Only 5 states show up New York issue call for another convention to fix Articles

4 Congress calls for a convention to: “render the constitution of the Federal government adequate to the exigencies of the union.”


6 VIRGINIA PLAN *2 Houses -Lower based on pop. -Upper picked by lower

7 NEW JERSEY PLAN *1 House equal voting

8 GREAT COMPROMISE 2 Houses lower by rep. Upper 2 per Roger Sherman

9 SLAVERY 3/5 Compromise Can’t ban slave trade for 20yrs Duty of $10 max

10 FEDERAL SYSTEM shared/separate powers Constitution supreme law of the land

11 How to stop Tyranny? Separation of Power Checks & Balances

12 Sovereignty Where does the power come from? A of C – the states

13 Constitution Robert Morris “We the people”

14 FEDERALISTS Supporters of Constitution Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, AdamsJefferson & Madison

15 ANTI-FEDERALISTS Against Constitution S. Adams, P. Henry

16 Help to Ratify *Federalist Papers Jay, Hamilton, Madison *Bill of Rights

17 ELECTION OF 1788 Washington 1 st President - unanimous Adams VP


19 Bill of Rights 10 Amendments 1-9 limit Congress 10 states get all powers not withheld or delegated

20 JUDICIARY ACT of 1789 Supreme Court – 6 members 13 District Courts 3 Circuit Courts

21 CREATES 3 EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS State, War, Treasury 2 Offices Attorney General Postmaster General

22 State - Jefferson Vir. D-R War - Knox Mass. Fed Treasury- Hamilton NY. Fed Att. Gen.– Randolph Vir. D-R

23 Hamilton Randolph Knox Jefferson

24 HAMILTON’S PLAN Recall Revolutionary bonds – replace with interest bearing bonds Take over State debts

25 *National Bank -provide loans to business -deposit federal funds -collect taxes/pay expenditures –monopoly on Gov. banking

26 HOW TO RAISE MONEY *Sale of public land *Tariff on imports *Excise on Alcoholic liquors

27 Many in South unhappy with plan Hamilton makes deal with Jefferson and Madison *Hamilton gets plan-Bank has 20 year Charter *South gets capital

28 Program: restores public credit raise manufacturers profits from tariffs and new banking system

29 Problems: Small farmers pay too much in taxes Many feel program is for the rich

30 Those opposed to Hamilton’s plan become: Democratic-Republicans T Jeff

31 Those who support Hamilton become the Federalists Hamilton

32 JEFFERSON’S VIEW *Agrarian Republic *Independent citizen/farmer Opposed to: Industrial economy/large cities

33 *sees western land as safety valve- keep US form becoming industrial like Europe

34 FEDERALISTS Strong in commercial centers of Northeast DEMOCRATIC- REPUBLICANS Strong in West and South

35 Pennsylvania farmers upset about Federal tax on whiskey Fell they already pay too much Attack tax collectors

36 Whiskey Whiskey Rebellion

37 Neutrality *Citizen Genet-France *Jay’s Treaty-England *Pinckney’s Treaty-Spain

38 Washington’s Farewell *Benefits of Federal Gov. *Against Party System *Stable Public Credit *Permanent Foreign Alliances *Military Establishment


40 Adams wins 1796 election Jefferson comes in second

41 $ X PickneyMarshall Gerry Y Z Affair

42 QUASI-WAR 1798-1799


44 Virginia & Kentucky Resolves *based on Social Contract *if government exceeds it’s power, state can nullify the law

45 ELECTION OF 1800 *Adams vs. Jefferson *Aaron Burr – founder of Tammany Hall *Jefferson & Burr tied

46 Burr Jefferson

47 *vote in House of Reps. *38 ballots *Hamilton swings election to Jefferson

48 Revolution of 1800

49 Midnight Appointments *Judges appointed by Adams in last weeks of term *New positions made by Judiciary Act of 1801 *John Marshall-Chief Justice

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