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Chapter 6 Vocabulary Identify the following for homework.

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1 Chapter 6 Vocabulary Identify the following for homework.
Sectionalism XYZ Affair Alien and Sedition Acts Nullification Aaron Burr Judiciary Act of 1801 Midnight Judge Marbury v. Madison Judicial review Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark Sacajawea Judiciary Act of 1783 Alexander Hamilton Cabinet National bank Republican 2-party system Protective tariff Excise tax Neutrality Edmond Genet Thomas Pinckney Little Turtle John Jay

2 Launching the New Nation

3 The New Government Takes Shape
“We are in the wilderness without a single footstep to guide us.” – James Madison Bold experiment – theories of Enlightened thinkers – John Locke George Washington is elected unanimously Government based upon the will of the people

4 Judicial System Judiciary Act of 1789
Supreme Court had 1 chief justice and 5 associate justices allowed state courts to appeal to federal courts when constitutional issues were raised Ensured the Supreme Court was the “Law of the land” J.A. of 1789 – 3 federal circuit courts & 13 federal district courts throughout the country

5 Executive Branch Executive Departments
Department of State – deal with foreign affairs Thomas Jefferson Department of War – military Henry Knox Department of Treasury – finances Alexander Hamilton Became known as the cabinet and his chief advisors Cabinet – many friends and family felt they had rights to many positions

6 Hamilton vs. Jefferson Strong central government led by powerful elite
Favored commerce and industry Loose interpretation of government Nat. bank constitutional Distrusted strong central government and rich Favored state and local governments Favored farmer-citizens Feared absolute ruler Strict interpretation of government Nat. bank unconstitutional Both appointed because of political differences

7 Hamilton’s Plan National government would take the states debt
Create national bank Southern states opposed the plan – move capital to DC National Bank: opponents said there was no call for bank in the constitution Led to strict vs. loose interpretation of the constitution Those who loaned the money would support the new government b/c if it failed, they would not be paid back

8 Political Parties 2 parties formed
Why? The power & size of federal gov. vs. state & local gov. Federalists –strong central government Republicans –strong state government, agrarian (farming) economy, limited central gov. & power of the people Do you think Washington supported the parties? Split in Washington’s cabinet caused the 1st political party Republicans later became the Democrats Washington, a federalist, was not opposed during the 1792 election. Washington feared the parties because he feared it would split national unity

9 Whiskey Rebellion Congress (Hamilton) placed excise tax on whiskey
Many farmers relied on whiskey sales Farmers in Western PA rebelled Federal government showed power over domestic issues Protective tariff – import on tax produced in Europe What is an excise tax? Tax on a product’s manufacture, sale or distribution Threatened to secede from the union

10 French-American Alliances
Treaty of 1778 French expected help during the French Revolution Divided Americans Washington declared neutrality Genet – French diplomat Treaty of 1778 – alliance between France and US

11 Relations with Spain US wanted lands west of the Appalachians and shipping rights on the Mississippi River Area controlled by Spain Pinckney’s Treaty of 1795 Spain gave up all claims east of the Mississippi, opened the River & 31st parallel to N. Florida Paved the way for US expansion

12 US citizens clashed with Indians
Other Relations US citizens clashed with Indians Gov. bought land for much less than it was worth – Treaty of Greenville

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