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Nutrients In Food.

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1 Nutrients In Food

2 Nutrient Nutrient- a substance found in food that keeps your body in good working order. SIX NUTRIENTS: Carbohydrates Proteins Fats Vitamins Minerals Water

3 Carbohydrates FUNCTION: Provides energy 2 Types:
Simple- Sugar (candy, soft drinks, fruits) Complex- Starch (bread, cereals, potatoes)

4 Protein FUNCTION: Build, maintain, and repair body tissues (muscles).
TYPES: Complete Incomplete

5 Protein Complete- food from animal source that has all 9 essential amino acids. EX: meat, poultry, milk, eggs, tofu Incomplete- lacks one or more of the 9 essential amino acids. EX: plant foods- grains, dry beans, peas, nuts, vegetables.

6 Fats A small amount of fat is vital for good health. Fats Function:
Regulate body temperature Cushion vital organs Provide a substance needed for normal growth and healthy skin Energy / stored energy

7 Fats 3 Types: Saturated- solid at room temperature; used sparingly; raises harmful cholesterol levels Trans- liquid oil is turned into a solid; function like saturated fats; raise cholesterol. Unsaturated- liquid at room temperature; help lower cholesterol level; Omega-3: good for your heart

8 Vitamins FUNCTION: Jump start chemical reactions in your body’s cells.
Types: Fat-Soluble: absorbed with the help of fat. Can be stored in your body. A, D, E, K Water-Soluble: dissolve in water and pass out of the body as waste. B, Folate, C, K

Essential part of your bones, teeth, and internal organs. Help regulate body functions. TYPES: Calcium- mineral that helps develop strong bones and teeth. Milk, dairy products Iron- helps red blood cells carry oxygen Meat, animal sources, nuts

10 Water FUNCTIONS: Average person needs 8 to 12 glasses each day.
Regulates body functions Carry other nutrients to your cells Helps carry waste from your body Average person needs 8 to 12 glasses each day.

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