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Dzierżoniów – My Town by Bartosz Stawczyk class V b.

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1 Dzierżoniów – My Town by Bartosz Stawczyk class V b

2 Short History of Dzierżoniów
Rich history of Dzierżoniów is connected with frequent changes of national and political status. One can find here remembrances of the Piast, Czech monarchs, Hapsburgs, or the German nation. The beginnings of the town can be traced back to the 13th century. First reliable written mention about the town appears on February the 13th In the beginning of its history the town is under the rule of the Wrocław princes, then the Ziębice princes, and in the end of this period it becomes one of the leading focal points of the Świdnicko-Jaworskie principality. In the 15th century the area gradually becomes dependent on the Czech crown. The next century is associated with the Husitian revolt when in the town, as well as the rest of Lower Silesia, is plundered by the crossings of the armed bands and devastated by pestilence. In the 16th century Dzierzoniów gets under the Hapsburg rule again. Second half of the same century and the beginning of the 17th century are sometimes called ‘the golden age’ of the town. Propitious period is finished when in 1618 destructive religious Thirty Years’ war outbursts. The next period of relative peace is broken by the Silesian Wars ( ).

3 Short History of Dzierżoniów
As their result Dzierżoniów, as well as the greater part of Lower Silesia, is enacted to the Prussian Kingdom. System and administrative changes appear. For the short period in history (1816 – 1820) the town is the capital city of one of the four districts of the Silesian province. During the Prussian reign Dzierżoniów finds its place in the European history. Important diplomatic meetings are held here. In 1790 in Dzierżoniów gather the diplomats from Prussian Kingdom, Austria, Holland, England and Polish Republic. At the second meeting monarchs appear: Prussian king Frederic Wilhelm III and Tsar Alexander I. The 19th century – the town, along with the rest of the region, becomes the centre of the Silesian textile industry. During this century plenty of municipal investments are accomplished, lots of public and private buildings are built. Two World Wars outburst in the 20th century. Fortunately, the town escaped war disturbances. In 1945 Dzierżoniów belongs to so-called ‘regained territories,’ re-included to the Polish state. Immediately after World War II the town becomes a settling centre for many Jews. As a result of administrative changes in 1975 Dzierżoniów becomes a part of the Wałbrzych province. On the turn of the 80s’ and 90s’ Poland regains full autonomy.

4 Dzierżoniów in the Past

5 Dzierżoniów in the Past

6 Dzierżoniów in the Past

7 Main Square Defensive Walls Dzierżoniów Now

8 Dzierżoniów Now The church of St. Mary, Mother of the Holy Church
St. George Church Dzierżoniów Now

9 Dzierżoniów Now Immaculate Conception The church of the Sadebeck’s
Crypt Chapel Dzierżoniów Now

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