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ViDe20041 Report from Pacific Rim Dae Young KIM Chungnam Natl Univ. & ANF

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1 ViDe20041 Report from Pacific Rim Dae Young KIM Chungnam Natl Univ. & ANF

2 ViDe20042 DancingQ Nulhui Dance Company Prof. KIM Myung Sook of Ewha W. Univ. Her Korean Traditional Folk Dance Group ANF TF DancingQ WG HDTV, TF NetSup CNU, HYU, KAIST, K-JIST, SKKU, KU, BNU, …

3 ViDe20043 DVTS Cyber Performance

4 ViDe20044 KMS Dance meets NGI 90 min. 4 scenes multicast by DVTS (Sun) 19:30-21:00 Natl Center Trad. Perform. Arts, Seoul 15 Min. Dongrae Crane Dance Singer and Instruments in Busan Group dancers in Seoul KOREN-APII-TransPAC-Internet2

5 ViDe20045 DandingQ at Gukakwon

6 ViDe20046 Networks StarTAP U.S. 622M×2 WIDE, JGN Japan Tokyo-XP Seoul KOREN Busan Daegu Suwon TransPAC vBNS, Abilene APII Test-bed(Asia Pacific Information Infra.) 1G KOREN(KOrea advanced REsearch Network) KII Network(KII:Korea Information Infrastructure): ATM network Daejeon Kwangju The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts Busan National Univ. KII network Kyusue Performance Sites

7 ViDe20047 Machines Setup KII:Korea Information Infrastructure(pure ATM network) NCKTP:The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts KT(Korea Telecom) Branches:Hyewha, Youngdong


9 Busan Natl Univ.

10 Kyushu University QGPOP hakozaki-gr2000 Busan GSR 1Gbps 100Mbps fidc-juniper 100Mbps 155Mbps okalab-students dvcommcpy1 DVTS Receiver ( )

11 Bob Riddle

12 ViDe Traffic as seen in Seoul

13 ViDe Traffic as seen in Busan

14 ViDe Nulhui Dance Company

15 ViDe Multicast live back from I2

16 ViDe I2 Summary on DaincingQ

17 ViDe Streaming from Dartmouth

18 ViDe Internet2s Summary

19 ViDe KBS News

20 ViDe Reviews Bob RIDDLE (Internet2) I was pleased to see that intercontinental connectivity has improved to support such high quality video. I'd like to try this again using IPv6. Koji OKAMURA (Kyushu U.) There was 2 troubles. But Other was perfect and I really enjoyed Korea Classical Music Performance, hopely I want to enjoy it by HDTV again someday. Markus BUCHHORN (Australian National U.) I second your words, and also our thanks for *your* efforts in organising this amazing project!! Dae Young KIM (Chungnam U.) The Busan scene was cast to the theater in Seoul with good video and sound quality, and the relay of the whole theater secene to Kyushu and to... (Internet2's) machine

21 ViDe Thanks to: Koji Okamura (Kyushu U) & his stdts Yasuichi Kitamura (CRL) & his team Michael Wellings (UW) & his colleagues Bob Riddle (Internet2) & his staff Gurcharan Khanna (Dartmouth U) Andrew Howard (AARNet) & his boss JH Lee & his KOREN2 team JT Lee (Busan U) and his stdts 10+ crew from HYU, ANF, CNU, …

22 ViDe Buddha on the Net

23 ViDe Buddha on the Net May 26, 2004; Buddhas Birthday SongGwansSa World Center of the Zen Buddhism HDTV over IPv6 300Mbps SDI and/or 20Mbps MPEG2 DancingQ KMS Nulhui Dance Company + ANF Tokyo, NY, Paris, Barcelona, London,..

24 ViDe Buddha Scenario Daybreak Drum at 3 AM Some 150 monks from hermitages Meditation assembly in the main hall Buddhist sermon to the world Dancing in the temple garden To the music from temple cottages (Dancers back from NY and Paris)

25 ViDe Networks

26 ViDe Partners – North America(1) Amy Philipson, Jacqueline Brown, Michael Wellings, Jim DeRoest, Kathleen McMonigal Research Channel / U Washington, Seatle Bobb Riddle Internet2, Michigan Gurcharan S. Khanna Dartmouth University

27 ViDe Partners: North America(2) Phillip Galanter University of New York James Oliverio Digital Worlds, U Florida Bill St. Arnaud CANARIE, Montreal

28 ViDe Partners: Europe Artur Serra, Jesus Alcober Catalunya Polytechnic, Barcelona Danny Vandromme, Jacques Prevost Renater, Paris Egon Verharen SURFNET, Amsterdam Davison DANTE, London

29 ViDe Partners: Latin America Tereza Cristina M. B. Carvalho, Giuliano USP, San Paulo Marina Y. Vicencio Martinez UANL, Mexico City

30 ViDe Partners: Asia-Pacific Yasuich Kitamura CRL, Tokyo Koji Okamura Kyushu University, Fukuoka George McLaughlin, Andrew Howard, Markus Buchhorn AARNET, Sydney

31 ViDe Activities in Japan

32 ViDe DV Streaming of Hokkaido oc12(600M) oc3(155Mbps) 6Bone KOREN HBC MBS RSK RKB RBC Prof. Okamura of Kyushu U

33 ViDe200433

34 ViDe References htm htm VIP/DanceQ.html VIP/DanceQ.html

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