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DancingQueen Aug. 27, 2003 Dae Young KIM

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1 DancingQueen Aug. 27, 2003 Dae Young KIM

2 HDTV 2/21 DancingQueen Events HDTV Streaming from Seatle/Portland to Busan –UW, IEEAF, Tyco, WIDE, APAN-JP, ANF(APAN-KR), and others –During APAN 2003, Busan Cyber Performance in Seoul/Busan –Sept. 7 (SUN), 7:30-9:00 pm

3 HDTV 3/21 Dance in the Digital Age ( Internet2,October 29, 2002 ) Two Projects –Stomp Dance - The Gathering of the Tribes –Hummingbird

4 HDTV 4/21 Dancing Beyond Boundaries (SC2001) Live dance performance, produced by Digital Worlds lab of U Florida Live perfomances in four different places connected by Acces Grid

5 HDTV 5/21 The Orfeo Project Peter Sparling Dance Company s rehearsal delivered to audience in New York over Internet2 by MPEG2

6 HDTV 6/21 Traditional Folk Dance

7 HDTV 7/21 Cyber Performance

8 HDTV 8/21 1 – 30MB 30MB * 2

9 HDTV 9/21 2 – –Overlay Multicasting JP US Overlay Multicasting

10 HDTV 10/21

11 HDTV 11/21 Cyber Performance Project

12 HDTV 12/21 DancingQ Cyber Performance Nulwhi Dance ( –Sept. 7(SUN), 7:30-9:00 pm –National Folk Opera House, Seoul DVTS –Instruments team in Busan relayed to Seoul –Dancing to the relayed music in Seoul –DV streaming from Seoul out to APAN, Internet2 –Unicast to Kyushu U(Okamura) w/ DV splitter –Feed the stream to multiple DVTS watchers in the US and elsewhere Tests –Sept. 1 – Sept. 3;24 hours a day on

13 HDTV 13/21 DancingQ Requests to APAN/TransPAC Engineering Teams Would the network be OK? –Basically multiple unicasts of 34Mbps stream Help us finding possible DV receiving partners in Japan and the US. –Okamura (KU) –Kitamura (CRL) –Michael Wellings (UW) –(James Williams (IU)?) –(Ted Hanss (I2)?) –Chris McGugan (Cisco)?) –Volunteers and helpers?

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