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Horticulture II – LC Plant ID Trees.

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1 Horticulture II – LC Plant ID Trees

2 Acer palmatum Common Name: Japanese Maple Small, deciduous tree
Wide, palmate, deeply lobed leaves Fruit: Samara Popular landscape plant Fall: bright color, red, orange, yellow, or purple


4 Acer rubrum Common Name: Red Maple Large, deciduous tree – 50’ tall
Spring – Red flowers before leaves Summer – Dark green leaves, gray underneath Leaves – 3 – 5 lobes Fall – bright red leaves Bark – light gray Fruit – samara


6 Betula nigra Common Name: River Birch medium, deciduous tree
Bark – thin, brown, peeling bark Multiple trunks Serrated leaves


8 Cornus florida CN: Flowering Dogwood State flower of NC, grows wild
Small, deciduous tree Crooked White flowers (or pink) bracts with brownish tip Red berries with hard seed


10 Cornus kousa CN: Chinese Dogwood Small, deciduous tree Spreading Habit
Flowers = Bracts white or pink Very Pointed! Fruit = Fall ,red


12 Ilex X attenuate ‘Fosteri’
CN: Fosteri Holly Large, evergreen shrub Upright, pyramidal, compact Leaves: 1 – 3” spiny points Large amt. red berries


14 Horticulture II - Landscaping
Plant ID Trees II

15 Lagerstroemia indica cv.
Common Name: Crape Myrtle small, deciduous tree Bark – light, tan, smooth Flowers – purple, white, pink, red Flowers all summer & early fall Mulit-trunked


17 Liquidambar styraciflua cv. ‘Rotundiloba’
Common Name: Fruitless Sweetgum Medium, deciduous tree Leaves: star shape round not pointed lobes glossy green No spiky balls like regular variety


19 Magnolia grandiflora Common Name: Southern Magnolia
Large, evergreen tree Large, shiny leaves 5-10” Think & leathery Elliptical shape 6-9” white flowers Very messy – cone-like pods bright red seeds


21 Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’
CN: Bradford Pear Medium, deciduous tree Spring – white flowers Fall – reddish, purple leaves Symmetrical shape Bad smell Simple leaves lush, green in summer


23 Quercus phellos Common Name: Willow Oak
Large, deciduous tree – 60’ high, 40’ wide Narrow green leaves Small acorns


25 Zelkova serrata CN: Zelkova Medium, deciduous tree 50-80’
Leaves = serrated, pointed Short trunk Exfoliating Bark orange underneath


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