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Week 7 ID Deciduous Trees.

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1 Week 7 ID Deciduous Trees

2 Japanese Maple Acer palmatum
Height: 8-20’ Spread: 10-15’ 5-7 lobes; Green or Red leaves Purple/red flower Samara fruit Very expensive (comes in many different varieties) Shade

3 Norway Maple Acer platanoides
Height: 60-80’ Spread: 50-70’ Greenish-yellow leaves 4-7 lobes with sharp serration Shade

4 Red Maple Acer rubrum Height: 40-50’ Spread: 25-35’
Green leaves with red petioles 3-5 lobes Red cluster flower before leaves Sun-shade

5 River Birch Betula nigra
Height: 20-40’ Spread: 16-20’ Alternate leaves and double serrate Green, catkin flower Part shade Peeling bark Multi-stemmed trunk

6 Eastern Red Bud Cercis canadensis
Height: 20-30’ Spread: 15-25’ Cordate leaf (pink or green) Pink cluster flowers Green pod fruit Zig-zag stem Sun-part shade

7 Flowering Dogwood Cornus florida
Height: 15-30’ Spread: 15-20’ White, head shaped flower with brown indentions at the edge Wavy leaves Part shade-shade

8 Chinese Dogwood Cornus kousa
Height: 10-15’ Spread: 10’ Flower buds at mid-April 4 bracts that come to a point Raspberry type fruit Sun-part shade

9 Ginkgo Ginkgo baloba Height: 40-70’ Spread: 20-40’
Green fan shaped leaves; fall color is yellow Plum like fruit in fall Sun Don’t plant female tree-IT STINKS!!

10 Thornless Honeylocust Gleditsia tricanthos var. inermis
Height: 50-70’ Spread: 25-40’ Pinnately compound leaves 7-12” long Twisted pod fruit Sun

11 Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica
Height: 15-25’ Spread: 5-15’ Medium green, ovate leaves Panicle flower in white, pink, red or lavender Flower of 100 days (chinese name) Smooth multi-stemmed bark (only when pruned correctly) Sun

12 Sweetgum Liquidambar strycaflua
Height: ’ Spread: 50-75’ 5-7 lobed, star shaped leaves Synacarp in fall and winter Part shade-sun

13 Saucer Magnolia Magnolia x soulangiana cv.
Height: 15-25’ Spread: 15-25’ Green, elliptical leaves Flowers like a cup on a saucer in purple or white and appear before leaves in March Sun-Part shade

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