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Scenes of Georgia By Day Leigh Story.

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1 Scenes of Georgia By Day Leigh Story

2 Virginia Creeper Scientific name is Parthenocisus quinquefolia
It is a vine It produces fruit in the fall Has 5 leaves

3 Flowering Dogwood Scientific name is Cornus Florida
Produces red fruit in the fall Grows best underneath trees

4 Eastern Red Cedar Scientific name is Juniperus Virginiana
Looks like a Christmas tree Native to Georgia

5 Water Oak Scientific name is Quercus nigra Little acorns
Club shaped leaves

6 Southern Magnolia The scientific name is Magnolia grandiflora
It has white creamy blooms in the summer In fall they are dark green They have seed pods located in fruits that look like pinecones

7 French Mulberry Scientific name is Callicarpa americana
Native to Georgia It’s a small bush It produces purple fruit in the fall

8 Black Cherry Scientific name is Prunus serotina Small trees
It produces small little cherry fruits

9 Sassafrass Scientific name is Sassafras albidum
The leaves are shaped like turkeys feet People use to make tea from the leaves

10 Sweet Gum Scientific name is Liquidambar styraciflua
Star shaped leaves Makes burrpods

11 Pecan Tree (Stewart) Scientific name is Carya illinoinensis
Puts on nuts called pecans

12 Loblolly Pine Scientific name Pinus taeda Plate like bark
Medium pine cones

13 Mimosa Scientific name is Albizia julibrissin
Pink like flowers all summer

14 Cow itch vine (Trumpet Creeper)
Scientific name is Campsis radicans Orange / red trumpet flowers

15 Chinaberry Tree Scientific name is Melia azedarach
Small green and yellow berries

16 Hackberry or Sugarberry Tree
Scientific name is Celtis occidentalis

17 Persimmon Tree Scientific name is Diospyros virginiana
Small orange fruit in the fall

18 Post Oak Scientific name is Quercus stellata Cross shaped leaves

19 Southern Red Oak Scientific name is Quercus falcata

20 Morning Glory Scientific name is Ipomoea nil Has purple flowers


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