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Plant Identification. Abelia X grandiflora COMMON NAME: Glossy Abelia SIZE: 4-6 feet tall, 3-5 feet wide FORM: Semiglobal, fine texture FOLIAGE: Summer=dark.

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1 Plant Identification

2 Abelia X grandiflora COMMON NAME: Glossy Abelia SIZE: 4-6 feet tall, 3-5 feet wide FORM: Semiglobal, fine texture FOLIAGE: Summer=dark green, fall and winter=bronze-green to bronze-red and bronze-purple FLOWERS: funnel shaped, white with a hint of pink, slightly fragrant

3 Abelia X grandiflora

4 Acer rubrum COMMON NAME: Red Maple SIZE: feet tall FORM: ovoid or rounded crown, develops ascending branches FOLIAGE: leaves opposite, simple, 5-10 cm long and wide, usually 3-lobed but often 5, medium to dark green FLOWERS: red FRUIT: samara

5 Acer rubrum Growth habit in winter and summer

6 Acer rubrum Fall foliage color

7 Aracaria heterophylla COMMON NAME: Norfolk Island Pine SIZE: 2-6 feet tall, 1-4 feet wide FOLIAGE: needle-like, spirally arranged, to 1 ½” long, drooping branches with age FLOWERS: cones, not seen in indoor cultivation

8 Aracaria heterophylla

9 Berberis thumbergii COMMON NAME: Japanese Barberry FORM: 3 to 6 feet tall, slightly wider than tall, very twiggy FOLIAGE: ovate shape, significantly wider at the tip than at the base, 0.5 to 1.25 inches long, inches wide FRUIT: bright red berries that color in October

10 Berberis thumbergii

11 Summer foliage

12 Berberis thumbergii Small, but slightly showy flowers

13 Berberis thumbergii Showy fall and winter berries

14 Betula nigra COMMON NAME: River Birch FORM: medium sized tree, 50 to 70 feet tall or taller, oval or pyramidal FOLIAGE: lustrous medium or dark green, alternate, simple leaves, doubly serrate margin, diamond shaped leaves FLOWERS: flowers are catkins BARK: showy exfoliating bark

15 Betula nigra

16 Diamond-shaped, doubly serrate leaves

17 Betula nigra Showy, exfoliating bark

18 Cercis canadensis COMMON NAME: Eastern Red Bud FORM: a small, deciduous tree, 20 to 30 feet tall, 25 to 35 feet wide, shape is rounded to broad and flat-topped FOLIAGE: wide, heart-shaped leaves, 3” to 5” long and wide FLOWERS: small, purplish-pink pea- like flowers, numerous and appear before the foliage

19 Cercis canadensis



22 Chlorophytum comosum COMMON NAME: Spider plant FOLIAGE: arching leaves with cascading wiry stems FLOWERS: small white flowers ID FEATURE: many times will contain tiny plantlets at the apex of leaves

23 Chlorophytum comosum

24 Cornus florida COMMON NAME: Flowering Dogwood FORM: a small deciduous tree, grows to about 30 feet tall with an equal or greater spread FOLIAGE: oval to ovate shape, 3” to 6” long, 1.5” to 3” wide, medium green FLOWERS: small and yellowish-green with four showy white bracts

25 Cornus florida


27 Actual flower is yellowish-green center surrounded by four white bracts

28 X Cupressocyparis leylandii COMMON NAME: Leyland cypress FORM: narrow-leaved evergreen, 65 ft spread, and 12 ft height, columnar form FOLIAGE: small needle like leaves, ends of branches tend to twist FRUIT: round, small cone, ½ to ¾” diameter, brown, rarely found

29 X Cupressocyparis leylandii



32 Dieffenbachia maculata COMMON NAME: Dumbcane FORM: erect herb less than 1 meter tall FOLIAGE: petiolate, petiole up to 30 cm long, grooved and winged from the base to beyond the halfway point, surface patterned with many irregular yellowish or cream-green splotches

33 Dieffenbachia maculata


35 Euonymous alata COMMON NAME: Winged Euonymous FORM: deciduous shrub, 15-20’ tall with an equal spread FOLIAGE: simple, elliptic leaves, 1” to 3” long with fine sharp leaf serrations, dark green leaf color BARK: long corky wings on stems

36 Euonymous alata



39 Stems have corky wings

40 Euonymous japonica COMMON NAME: Evergreen Euonymous FORM: evergreen bush to 10 feet tall with a 6 feet spread

41 Euonymous japonica

42 Euphorbia pulcherrima COMMON NAME: Poinsettia FORM: shrub FOLIAGE: large alternate leaves with or without teeth on the margin FLOWER: cup-shaped flowers in a cluster above the showy red, pink, or creamy leaf bracts with a large yellow gland on the rim of the flower

43 Euphorbia pulcherrima

44 Red petals are actually bracts, not flowers.

45 Ficus benjamina COMMON NAME: Weeping fig FORM: evergreen shrub or tree with drooping branches FOLIAGE: leaves alternate, simple, long-tipped, glossy FLOWERS & FRUIT: enclosed in a fleshy sac turning from green to orange- red and then purplish-black

46 Ficus benjamina

47 Ficus elastica COMMON NAME: rubber plant FORM: straight growing central- stemmed plant FOLIAGE: dark green oval-oblong leaves up to 15 inches long, grow at a 45 degree angle from the main stem

48 Ficus elastica

49 Forsythia X intermedia COMMON NAME: Border forsythia FORM: a deciduous shrub 8 to 10 feet tall and 10 to 12 feet wide FOLIAGE: opposite, ovate to lanceolate leaves, toothed margins, 3” to 5” long and 0.5” to 1” wide, medium to dark green color above and lighter on underside FLOWERS: brilliant yellow color

50 Forsythia X intermedia




54 Hosta sp. COMMON NAME: Hosta FORM: clumping growth habit FOLIAGE: medium green or variegated large clasping leaves with prominent veins FLOWERS: varying colors from white to purple

55 Hosta sp.


57 Juniperus horizontalis COMMON NAME: Creeping juniper FORM: dense, evergreen shrub, branches very long and flexible, 1 to 2 feet tall and 4 to 8 feet wide FOLIAGE: two kinds of needles: awl- shaped and scale-like, awls are found in opposite pairs, tip sharply pointed, green to blue-green

58 Juniperus horizontalis


60 Lagerstroemia indica COMMON NAME: Crape Myrtle FORM: deciduous shrub to small tree, to 20 feet or more FOLIAGE: oblong-elliptic to rounded, to 2.75 inches long, glabrous or pubescent on veins FLOWERS: pink white or purple calyx tube is showy part BARK: smooth exfoliating bark

61 Lagerstroemia indica


63 Liquidambar styraciflua COMMON NAME: Sweetgum FORM: deciduous shade tree, typically 60 to 80 feet tall and 40 to 60 feet wide FOLIAGE: alternate “maple-like” star shaped leaves, 5 to 7 lobed, 4-8 inches long and wide FRUIT: 1” to 1.5” spiny balls change from green to brown

64 Liquidambar styraciflua



67 Magnolia grandiflora COMMON NAME: Southern Magnolia FORM: a large evergreen tree, 60 to 80 feet tall and 30 to 50 feet wide FOLIAGE: elliptic leaf shape, 5 to 10 inches long 2 to 5 inches wide, color dark green and pubescent on underside FLOWERS: white flowers, blooms in spring, up to 12” in diameter, saucer shaped

68 Magnolia grandiflora FRUIT: elongated aggregates of follicles, 3” to 8” long, red seeds, very showy

69 Magnolia grandiflora




73 Malus sp. COMMON NAME: Flowering crabapple FORM: height range of 6 to 50 feet with most in the 15 to 25 feet range, form varies from weeping, spreading, columnar, vase-shaped to pyramidal FLOWERS: colors range from white to pink to red

74 Malus sp.


76 Myrica cerifera COMMON NAME: Wax Myrtle FORM: aromatic shrub or small tree as clumps of trunks up to 25’ in height FOLIAGE: semi-evergreen leaves FRUIT: waxy gray fruit attached to the twigs, glandular and smell like bayberry when crushed

77 Myrica cerifera


79 Nephrolepis exaltata COMMON NAME: Boston Fern FORM: evergreen fern, up to 5 feet tall Reproduces by spores located on the bottom side of leaves

80 Nephrolepis exaltata


82 Pelargonium X hortorum COMMON NAME: Geranium FORM: small to medium-sized herbaceous perennial, ranges from 12 to 18 inches tall and 18” to 24” wide, spreading mound growth form FOLIAGE: leaves 3 to 4 inches across, medium to dark green, cordate in shape, bold-textured, thick and clustered

83 Pelargonium X hortorum FLOWERS: white, pink, red, salmon, orange, violet, and all shades in- between, with bicolors and double flowers available, spherical clusters atop long stiff peduncles

84 Pelargonium X hortorum


86 Pinus strobus COMMON NAME: Eastern White Pine FORM: evergreen tree, conical when young, less defined with age, 50 to 80 feet tall and 30 to 50 feet wide FOLIAGE: light green with a bluish cast, 5 needles per fasicle, thin flexible needles, 4” long, serrated margins FRUIT: light brown cones, 6-8” long

87 Pinus strobus



90 Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’ COMMON NAME: Japanese flowering cherry FORM: a large deciduous tree, 60 to 70 feet tall, round to vase-like shape FOLIAGE: ovate leaf shape, 3” to 5” long and up to 2” wide, serrate margin FLOWERS: range from white to pink FRUIT: blackish purple fruit

91 Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’


93 Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’ COMMON NAME: Bradford Pear FORM: a medium-sized deciduous tree, 30 to 40 feet tall and about 1/3 as wide FOLIAGE: ovate leaves that are 2 to 3 inches long and almost as wide FLOWERS: white flowers, 3 inches in diameter, usually peak before leaf set

94 Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’




98 Quercus palustris COMMON NAME: Pin oak FORM: a large, deciduous tree, 75 feet tall and 40 feet wide at its maximum FOLIAGE: alternate leaf arrangement with sharply pointed lobes, 5 to 7 lobes each with terminal bristles, 3 to 6” long FRUIT: small acorns around 0.66” to 0.75” in diameter

99 Quercus palustris


101 Fruit are pale yellow-green catkins

102 Quercus phellos COMMON NAME: Willow oak FORM: medium-sized, deciduous tree, 50 to 70 feet tall and 30 to 50 feet wide FOLIAGE: lanceolate leaf shape, 2 to 5” long, bristle-tipped leaf apex, dark green leaf color FLOWERS: pendulous yellow-brown catkins

103 Quercus phellos

104 Rhododendron catawbiense COMMON NAME: Catawba Hybrid Rhododendron FORM: an evergreen shrub, typically 6 to 10 feet tall with an equivalent spread FOLIAGE: evergreen, elliptical leaves 3 to 6” long and 1 to 2” wide, dark green FLOWERS: 2.5” across and funnel- shaped, clusters are 5 to 6” in diameter and comprised of 5 to 10 flowers

105 Rhododendron catawbiense




109 Viola X wittrockiana COMMON NAME: pansy FORM: low, bushy growing habit with a height of.25 to.75 feet tall and a width of.5 to.75 feet FLOWERS: white, yellow, black, brown, lavender, purple, blue, pink, often with blotches that resemble animals’ faces

110 Viola X wittrockiana



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