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Horticulture II - LC Plant ID Shrubs.

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1 Horticulture II - LC Plant ID Shrubs

2 Acuba japonica CN: Japanese Acuba Evergreen shrub
Dense, upright, round Leaves: thick & shiny green & yellow “splattered”


4 Buddleia davidii CN: Butterfly Bush Flower: Long, drooping blooms
pink, white, purple attract butterflies, bees Fast growing, large shrub Arching stems Leaves: gray-green Trim back in winter


6 Camellia japonica CN: Common Camellia Medium, Evergreen shrub
dense, pyramidal Flower: large, elegant white, pink, red Leaves: dark green, glossy


8 Camellia sasanqua CN: Sasanqua Camellia Evergreen shrub
Leaves: dark green, shiny (darker & shinier than common) Leathery Flower: white to red (smaller) fall & early winter lots of flowers


10 X Cupressocyparis leylandii
CN: Leyland Cypress Large, evergreen tree Short ½” cones Popular barrier tree Upright, pyramidal shape Scale-like leaves (awls)


12 Gardenia jasminoides ‘Radicans’
CN: Dwarf Gardenia Small, evergreen shrub 2-3’ Flower: fragrant, large 2” creamy white Leaves: leathery, narrow whorled, dark green


14 Ilex cornuta ‘Buford Nana’
CN: Dwarf Buford Holly Medium, evergreen shrub Round, compact Hedges & Borders Red Berries Glossy leaves


16 Ilex crenata ‘Helleri’
CN: Helleri Holly Small, evergreen shrub Low, dense, spreading mound Leaves: shiny, dark green “boxwood like” Small white flower Black berries


18 Horticulture II - Landscaping
Plant ID Shrubs II

19 Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’
CN: Sky Pencil Holly Evergreen shrub tall, thin (10’ x 1.5’) Leaves: small, dark green elliptical Uses: focal point, hedge, narrow areas


21 Ligustrum japonicum cb.
CN: Japanese Privet Large, evergreen shrub Leaves: 3” long x 1 ½ “ wide raised vein underneath ¼ “ dark purple berries hard seed inside Clusters of terminal flowers


23 Loropetalum chinense CN: Loropetalum Evergreen shrub
loose, open form, spreading Flowers: small clusters 4 narrow drooping petals red & white Leaves: small, oval


25 Myrica cerifera CN: Wax Myrtle Evergreen shrub Irregular, round, dense
Leaves: olive green Bayberry scent Small gray fruit


27 Nandina domestica CN: Heavenly Bamboo (Dwarf Nandina)
small, semi-evergreen shrub White blooms Red Berries Lacy, upright Many colors through year


29 Prunus laurocerasus ‘Otto Luyken’
CN: Otto Luyken Laurel Evergreen Shrub dense, spreading Flower: white, showy fragrant, clusters Small, cup-shaped Fruit: showy, black drupe attracts birds


31 Raphiolepis sp. CN: Indian Hawthorn Medium, evergreen shrub
mounding habit Flower: small, white or pink cover in spring Leaves: dark green, leathery Fruit: small, purplish-black


33 Rhododendron kiusianum
CN: Azalea medium, semi-evergreen shrub Acidic soil Flowers: funnel-shaped large clusters, lots very showy dense, spreading


35 Thuja occidentalis CN: American Arborvitae Evergreen shrub
pyramidal, dense Leaf: Soft, awls Used as hedge, privacy screen Fruit: Tiny green cones


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