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Zombie Apocalypse Basics A quick rundown, In case of emergency…

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1 Zombie Apocalypse Basics A quick rundown, In case of emergency…

2 First Things First Zombies are the living dead, returned to life through a Virus, that is spread through fluid transfer. ANY injury results in full infection, death and reanimation are imminent. SURVIVAL Is your Number One priority.

3 KNOW YOUR ENEMY Are your Zombies fast? Slow? Smart? Feral? To kill a zombie you must destroy the brain. How many are in your area? Are you in a city? Small town?

4 WEAPONRY Weapon number one is your body, make sure it is in tip top shape. Weaponry needs to be able to incapacitate {Ideally kill} a zombie in one quick assault. There are pros and cons to each weapon, make sure you take each of these into account when building your arsenal. Your wardrobe is your armor. No loose clothing or long hair, Keep it close.

5 Your Arsenal Determine your attack plan: Survive, escape, rescue, etc. Your Weaponry needs to be as aggressive as your plan. Melee (Close Combat) Weapons need to be easily handled while still dealing maximum damage. Ranged Weapons should be firearms, they deal the most damage, and should be well maintained. FIRE is king, it is the only sure fire way to destroy a zombie entirely.

6 General Survival Noise will alert zombies to your location. Being quiet will keep you alive. Always have an escape plan. Wherever you are know how to get out. Hospitals are an awful place to get caught. The sick will go here first, avoid at all costs.

7 Survival strategies You last as long as your supplies, so stock up on nonperishables fast. Size of outbreak determines best locations for survival, The larger the outbreak the more help you will need for survival. Basic home security items will aid in survival. Alarms, must be set up. They will be your advance warning for an inevitable siege. This is the easiest way to survive if you are alone, the other strategies are better for groups.

8 Escape Strategies Take only the most important items, you cant take everything for every situation. Mobility is your best weapon in an escape strategy. Stealth and awareness are next on the list. Know where you are going, make sure you know how to get there. Urban areas are deadly, stay quiet and stay hidden. Cars, of all sorts, are inefficient and not mobile enough for escape. If long distance travel is necessary, motorcycles or horses are the best.

9 Attack Strategies This strategy is NOT recommended. You need several groups (5-10), of at least 10 people, for this to be viable. Intelligence is your greatest weapon. Do not fight large groups, do not go out alone. Be prepared for secondary waves after clearing your primary target. Zombies will likely be attracted to all of your noise.

10 Z.A.B Credits Inspired by most zombie horror flicks and Max Brooks World War Z And Zombie Survival Guide Zombie Apocalypse Basics assembled by Ian Hall of Eastern Washington University

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