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AsiaFI School: Next Phase - discussion memo - 2011.2.24 Kilnam Chon Assessment Committee AsiaFI (2011.1.19)

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1 AsiaFI School: Next Phase - discussion memo Kilnam Chon Assessment Committee AsiaFI ( )

2 1. Introduction AsiaFI will be 4 years old since its preparation in June Six AsiaFI Schools have been held since February Many more AsiaFI workshops(~10) have been held.

3 2. Next Phase AsiaFI is transitioning to the next phse. It may be good time to review AsiaFI Schools(and Workshops), and make mid- course adjustment. AsiaFI Assessment Committee was created to assess overall AsiaFI activities to deliver the recommendation in Summer of 2011.

4 3. Issues (1)Full paper vs Presentation material (2)Core Groups (3)How often shall we hold AsiaFI Schools? (4)Active participation of Young researchers (5)Endorsement by ACM or IEEE (6)Panel Discussion Session (7)Poster Session with/without Demonstration (8)Future Internet area definition

5 3.1 Full paper vs Presentastion material Young researcher session(old student session) requires full paper, many of which are work in progress. We plan the workshop with full papers in 2011 Summer FI Workshop. Proposal: We may organize two events; Part 1: Presentation material for tutorial, invited speech Part 2: Full paper; technical session, and poster session

6 3.2 Core Groups We need to form good stable groups for AsiaFI School operation - Senior Researcher Group Fairly well formed, but we need more good organizers of the Schools and Workshops. This would limit the frequency of the Schools. - Young Researcher Group Need to have active participation of Ph.D students. Need to have active roles for fresh Ph.Ds such as leading panel sessions. Have one or more core members from each of CJK with school participation of 3 or more years.

7 3.3 Frequency of AsiaFI Schools Proposal: - Week-long AsiaFI School in summer with/without Workshop(s) - Shorter AsiaFI School and/or Workshop(s) in other seasons Remark: We had better organize the workshop in winter to facilitate AsiaFI Meetings; Board, Steering Group, WG/BoF/MG,..

8 3.4 Active Participation of Young Researchers Proposal: Delegate some of the sessions and functions to Young Researchers. Candidates include Panel Discussion Session, Poster Session, Demonstration, and Communications by Social Media

9 3.5 Endorsement by ACM or IEEE Proposal: Have Second Part(with full papers) to be endorsed by ACM or IEEE. Remark: - The arrangement requires full papers. - The arrangement would make the participation from may countries much easier. - The arrangement requires overhead on administration.

10 3.6 Panel Discussion Session Proposal: We may organize more panel discussion session, possibly by Young Researchers(fresh Ph.Ds). This would enhance dialogue among School/Workshop participants.

11 3.7 Poster Session with Demonstration Proposal: We may have more elaborate poster session, some of which will have demonstration. Poster session may become the primary session for students to increase more dialogue among participants

12 3.8 Definition of Future Internet Proposal: We will use NSFs NetSE as the initial definition of FI with addition of the relevant areas. Remark: Network(ing) Scinece including social media may be the first area to be added with more may be added. Formation of research groups is important, in particular leading research groups. They would assist evolution of the FI definition.

13 4. Remark Mentoring Ph.D students by young/senior researchers may be recommended. Quality control on paper is needed, in particular on paper presentations.

14 Reference Summary of Young Researchers Interviews, [NSF NetSE] [Future Internet Assembly] AsiaFI Assessment Committee Charter,

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