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AsiaFI Nov. 2, 1 Education BoF Nov. 3, 2007 Choong Seon Hong Kyung Hee University.

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1 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 1 Education BoF Nov. 3, 2007 Choong Seon Hong Kyung Hee University

2 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 2 Agenda Roll Call Agenda Bashing Draft Charter Committee Formation Collaboration Initial Activities in 2008 Issues Draft Charter Proposal in Doc form AOB

3 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 3 Draft Charter Objective –The primary mission of Education committee is to provide the education program for Asian graduate students of principles and technologies arising from the need to spread the research areas of Future Internet

4 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 4 Draft Charter (contd) Scope - Tutorial –Open Course To Develop open course –1~3 days tutorial with AsiaFI Conference or Workshop –5~10 days course Coordinate on course development of the Semester-long courses in each country –Ph.D thesis Coordinate sharing Ph.D thesis committee among member institutions of AsiaFI. Joint PhD thesis supervision Develop the database on the Ph.D thesis

5 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 5 Draft Charter (contd) –Visits Encourage and coordinate long-term(1 or 2 semesters) visits of Ph.D students as well as short-term visits among the AsiaFI member institutions as well as cooperative institutions in other continents –Others Encourage graduate students to participate in AsiaFI working group activities

6 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 6 Draft Charter (contd) Membership –Membership of Education Committee will be the invitation basis. –Members are encouraged to be deeply knowledgeable of the literature and current knowledge related to Education Committee –And required to develop new education programs

7 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 7 Draft Charter (contd) Members (tentative) –Choong Seon Hong/Kyung Hee Univ.(chair) –Akira Kato /University of Tokyo –Hwangjun Song /Postech –Ikjun Yeom /KAIST –Jianping Wu /Tsinghua Univ. –Jongwon Choe/Sookmyung –Jeonghoon Mo/ICU –Kilnam Chon /KAIST –Mingwei Xu/Tsinghua Univ. –Yusheng Ji /NII –Xing Li /Tsinghua Univ.

8 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 8 Draft Charter (contd) Meetings Meeting will be held on co-located basis with other events (e.g. conferences and other workshops, etc.) and sometimes independently.

9 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 9 Draft Charter (contd) Committee Formation –Chair –Co-Chairs. Japan : Shigeki Goto/ Waseda Univ. China : Mingwei Xu/Tsinghua Univ.

10 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 10 Education Committee Proposal to Interim Board –Dec. 2007 Draft Charter (contd)

11 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 11 Collaboration With Other Committees and WG –Committees : Event, Testbed –WG : Architecture/Building Blocks, Mobile/Wireless Universities – For Venue Europe/EuroFGI, GENI/SC,..... –Attending Joint PhD Course –Inviting Speakers using Outreach Program from GENI/SC

12 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 12 Initial Activities in 2008 Future Internet School (Architecture & Building Blocks), 2008Q3 Future Internet School (Mobile & Wireless Network), 2008Q1/Q3 Tutorial in Future Internet Workshop, all three countries(CJK), May or June 2008 Semester Course in Spring and Fall 2008

13 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 13 Issues Financial support for Speakers ? – handle case by case Open to public

14 AsiaFI Nov. 2, 14 Draft Charter Proposal Refer to agenda.htm agenda.htm

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