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Asia Future Internet Forum - Draft Proposal - 2007.11.3 Kilnam Chon 2007.10.26.

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1 Asia Future Internet Forum - Draft Proposal - 2007.11.3 Kilnam Chon 2007.10.26

2 1. Objective Network Common for Asia Future Internet Community Network of Excellence

3 2. Activities Education Event Testbed Joint Project Working Group

4 2.1 Education Courses Academic Course (regular semester course) One-Week Course Tutorial (one or two day course) Ph.D Thesis Database on Ph.D students; Thesis topic, abstract, proposal,... Database on Professors Collaboration on Ph.D thesis supervision

5 2.2 Event Annual Conference (jointly with national organizations) Workshops (on specific topics)

6 2.3 Testbed Testbed coordination including user requirement and usage

7 2.4 Joint Project Common to facilitate joint project development (through event, WG,...)

8 2.5 Working Group Complimentary effort to national effort Remark: The initial candidate WGs include Architecture/Building Blocks, and Mobile/Wireless.

9 3. Organization Structure General Assembly Board Steering Group Committees (Event, Education, …) WGs Secretariat

10 4. Meeting (2008) 2008.1Asia-North America Collaboration Meeting (pending) 2008.2 One-Week Course on Architecture/ Building Block 2008.6 FIW (Jointly with FIF) AsiaFI General/Committee/WG Meetings 2008.7 One-Week Course on Mobile/Wireless 2008.10 Annual Conference (Jointly with national organization) AsiaFI General/Committee/WG Meetings

11 5. Initial Staffing (2007~2008) Board (Interim; 2007Q4~2008Q4) Steering Committee (Interim;2007Q4~2008Q4) (Interim;2007Q4~2008Q4) Committee (Education, Event, Testbed; Interim; 2007Q4~2008Q4) Interim; 2007Q4~2008Q4) WG ( Architecture/Building Blocks, Mobile/Wireless; Interim; 2007Q4~2008Q4) Interim; 2007Q4~2008Q4) Secretariat (Interim; 2007Q4~2008Q4)

12 6. Remark/Issue 1.Return on Investment AsiaFI activity requires bigger overhead than national activity, and AsiaFI needs to concentrate on areas where return on investment is very good. We should also make AsiaFI effort more productive to offset the overhead. 2. We need to look into snergy(and symbios) among major participants. 3. We may put high priority on graduate education at AsiaFI in order to develop the next generation researchers for future internet (long term research). 4. We may look into fair share on open research on the future internet. 5. Many people are very busy, and we have to consider this factor seriously. 6. Many researchers dont know their peers in other countries, and it may take much effort to build good human relationship.

13 Reference EuroNGI/EuroFGI GENI

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