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How to make Pakora and Jatni

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1 How to make Pakora and Jatni

2 Good morning. My name’s Jamila
Good morning. My name’s Jamila. I would like to talk about how to make Pakora and Jatni. It is a kind of Afghan food. I’ll begin by introducing ingredient of this food and then I’ll talk about the cooking method. Followed by talking about how to serve the food. Finally I would like you to ask question if you have any.

3 Now. I would like to start about ingredient it need.
Flour Oil Egg Garlic Baking Powder Fresh Coriander Turmeric Walnut Dry red pepper Fresh green pepper Salt

4 Well. I would like to talk about the cooking method.
First, Put two glass of flour into a dish. Add three table spoon dry red Pepper, two table spoon Turmeric, 1-2 table spoon Salt.

5 Then add two Yellow egg balls, two table spoon baking powder into the dish.
Then pure some warm Water and mix it with mixture until it get piquet dough. Peel the Potatoes and slice it in pieces. Put the sliced Potatoes into the dough. Then stir and leave it for few minutes until make the Jatni.

6 Second, wash and chop some fresh coriander into blander.
Pure half glass of water . Add three fresh green pepper and 6-7 piece of garlic and one tomato. Pure four table spoon vinegar . Put some Walnut and Salt. Then cover the blander and press the button until it mixed and drop it into a small bowl and leave it for a few minutes.

7 Finally, put the fry potatoes on a round big plate.
Then put the Jatni bowl in the middle of potatoes on the round plates. Pick up the potato plates and put it on the table to serve. Jamila Barakzai

8 Third, add two table spoon Jatni into the dough that we made it before.
Then pure some oil into the pan until it get hot . . Drop potatoes into the oil and fry it until it get brown. Then take it out from the oil and put it on a tray or plate.



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