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12th anniversary Robofest 2011 Kick-off Info Meeting December 4, 2010, 2:30 pm EST December 7, 2010, 5:30 pm EST January 8, 2011, 4:00 pm EST revised 2-25-11.

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1 12th anniversary Robofest 2011 Kick-off Info Meeting December 4, 2010, 2:30 pm EST December 7, 2010, 5:30 pm EST January 8, 2011, 4:00 pm EST revised 2-25-11 Inspiring Young Minds to Master the Machine. Please download a zip file containing Robofest 2011 rule documents at (under Whats New section) The (webinar) meeting will begin shortly.

2 The Zipped file contains the following files: 2

3 12th anniversary Robofest 2011 Kick-off Info Meeting Inspiring Young Minds to Master the Machine.

4 Welcome to Robofest 2011 Little robots, Big Missions CJ Chung, Associate Prof. of Computer Science, Founder and Director Chris Cartwright, Associate Prof. of Math, Program Manager Jerri Ureel, Robofest Coordinator, 248-204-3568 Teri Dubois, Associate Coordinator, Susan Latos, Assistant Coordinator Other Staff: Tiffany Platt Keith Bozin Joe Long Taiga Sato Wendy MacLennan Jon Nabozny Jamie MacLennan Ryan Matthews Sara Moss Dan Rosendale Dan Anderegg Jane Tarakhovsky Kurt Meister 4

5 5 Kick-off Info Meeting Agenda Overview of Robofest 2011 Rules for each Main Competition category Introduction to Associate Competitions 2011 Registration Schedule Q & A Please join the Robofest eNews list at!

6 Motivate students interest in STEM subjects Integrate STEM subjects into autonomous Robotics Competitions Put theories into practice through Robotics Promote students creative and innovative thinking Build the work force of the future Goals of Robofest 6

7 7 Features of Robofest Autonomous - Sensors required Challenging - dynamic playing fields, unknown factors, and no direct adult help allowed Any robotics system Affordable (reusing old kits; reg. fee: $50) Pre and Post Assessments (on-line) Qualifiers, Regionals & World Championship Age Divisions Jr. Division: (4)5 th – 8 th Sr. Division: 9 th – 12 th Associate Competitions for Advanced and College Teams

8 2011 Season Opportunities Main Competitions Game Exhibition RoboFashion & Dance Show Associate Competitions Vision Centric Challenge (VCC) nVn Multi Robot Team Sumo FIRST Vision Challenge (Tentative) 8

9 Main Competitions Competition Category Age Division Team Size RobotUnknown factors Assess ment Game - BTOS Jr. & Sr.Max 7 AnyYes Exhibition Jr. & Sr.Max 7 AnyNoYes Fashion & Dance Show Jr.Max 7 AnyNoYes 9 Registration Fee: $50

10 3 levels of Main Competition 10 One World Championship 3 Regional Championships Many Local Qualifiers May 7, 2011 at Lawrence Tech

11 11 2011 Qualifying Sites United States: MI, HI, TX, FL, IN, MN, OH, NH, CA, … International Canada – Ontario, Alberta Korea, China, Russia?, etc. Video Submission Check out the complete list at

12 12 Submitting a Qualifier Video Video Submission in Games, Exhibition, and Fashion Show is available to teams who do not have a Robofest Qualifier in close proximity Game teams must contact prior to the video submission to get unknown factors When submitting a video, the coach must include the signed submission form available at / 2011 All videos must be received by Apr 2, 2011

13 Recognition of Video Submission Teams (New Slide Added on 2-25-11) Medals and Certificates will be mailed to the coach address Winners will be decided by Judges appointed by Robofest office. Winner trophies will be mailed to the coach address 13

14 Regional Championships (RC) Top teams from each qualifier will advance to a RC Asia-pacific RC: January 21, Hanyang U, Korea Michigan RC: April 16, Lawrence Tech, 60 team slots available Video RC: Phone interview possible No video required for Game teams (scores from Qualifiers to be used) Exhibition/Robofashion teams must provide video sharing site link by noon Apr 9, 2011 Number of World team slots allocated to each Regional will be determined in March. 14

15 Online Assessment for Math and Science Pre-assessment: Instructions will be emailed to coaches in January Post-assessment: After the qualifier, instructions will be emailed to coaches in early April. We need control groups (non Robofest students). If interested, please email to Dr. Cartwright, 15

16 16 World Robofest Championship 60-65 teams will be invited from Regional Championships (RCs) Friday, May 6, 2011 –12 th anniversary dinner Saturday, May 7, 2011 World Robofest Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan, in the Don Ridler Field House

17 17 Team Photo Contest for Main Competition A team picture needs to be uploaded within 3 weeks after the team registration and at least 10 days prior to the Qualifier. Selection criteria: team spirit, unity, harmony, uniqueness, etc. Winners will be announced during the World Championship on May 7, 2011

18 18 Complete freedom to show off any type of creative autonomous robotics project Must employ sensors Human to Robot, Robot to Robot interaction strongly encouraged Using robotics to learn/teach STEM highly recommended. For example, Power & Energy related experiments – some free energy sensors will be available for high school teams Sharing online video (such as YouTube or SchoolTube) is highly recommended Exhibition Competition Category

19 19 RoboFashion & Dance Show Two robots are recommended Communication between two robots Human to Robot, Robot to Robot interaction strongly encouraged Stage Two 30x72 plastic (folding leg) tables should be used Team will have freedom to design their landmarks by themselves Bring the tables to the competition site

20 Block the Oil Spill - Game 2011 In order to stop the oil spill in deepwater, an autonomous robot is being sent to cap 3 leaking pipes. 20 Learning objectives: logic, ratio, proportion, circles, angles, math operations, measuring, and Pythagoras' theorem.

21 Robofest 2011 Game Block the Oil Spill Video 21 or play BTOS.mp4 file in the zip

22 Playing Field Layout (Sr. Division) 22

23 Playing Field Layout (Jr. Division) 23 The rest of playing field is same as Sr.

24 2 rounds, 2 minutes per round Playing field unknown factors for each round will be different Teams will be given 30 minutes after the playing field is unveiled and the playing field parameters (a/b and c) are given. All teams must submit their robot to the impound area when 30 minutes has expired and after their 2 min round has been completed – This is different from previous years! Rounds 24

25 Robot must start with any part on or over the Home Base plate (aluminum tape) and any part of the robot must not cross the red Home Base line; it may hang over the edges of the table. Players may touch / modify / pickup or load the cup when the robot is on or over the aluminum tape. Watch the video! How to start the robot 25

26 Penalty (-5) points (no more than two times): If any part of the robot is touched outside of Home Base by a player Playing field (not cups) is touched by a player Robot touches the leaking pipe After the violation is announced The robot must be re-started from Home Base Playing field will not be reset Rule Violations 26

27 Scoring Sheet (1) 27

28 Scoring Sheet (2) 28 105

29 Max length and width: 35cm x 76cm. Height and weight: no limit One brain Any number of sensors/sensor types Any number of motors Any material Any programming language Must have a team ID tag Robot Specifications 29

30 Can a player load the cup by hand during the game? Yes Where can we do that? On or over the foil tape, player can pick up the robot to load the cup Can we use touch sensor to measure the length of the Pipe 3 structure (not Pipe 3)? Yes Can we get the points of reading pipe 3 structure, if Rock is still on table? No Can we use a light sensor to detect the Pipe 2? Though not recommended, Yes Is Color of the leaking pipes always white? No, it is unknown FAQs 30

31 2011 Associate Competitions June 4-5 at Oakland University during IGVC Open Competitions will also be available before June First come, first served, as the number of teams allowed in Associate categories will be limited at each venue 31

32 Associate Competitions 32 Competition Category Age Division Team Size Robot Unknown factors Assess ment 2v2 Multi Robot Team Sumo H.S. Sr. & College Max 2 or 3 AnyYesNo Vision Centric Challenge (VCC) H.S. Sr. & College Max 2 or 3 AnyPartly yesNo FIRST Vision Challenge H.S. Sr.Max 7FIRST robot Partly yesNo Registration fee: $50

33 33 nVn Multi Robot Team Sumo n = 2, a team of two robots in 2011 1 match – up to 3 games 1 game - up to 2 minutes

34 A robot team loses a game if a robot is out of the table (intentionally or unintentionally) pushed by a friend robot DFA (Deadly Friendly Attack) Pink loses the game. Game ends! 34

35 Size & weight must be checked for each match Press the start button of one robot. Then the robot must send wireless signal such as Bluetooth to start the other robot. Go to and click on nVnRoboSumo link for more details How to start/play the game 35

36 36 Vision Centric Challenge Vision-based robot competition Senior and College Divisions More difficult than previous years Go to for 2011 and to watch a video of past competitions

37 2011 VCC course Mini IGVC Autonomous Challenge DEAD END 37

38 38 FIRST Vision Challenge (FVC) Using FIRST ® robot 2011 vision system To read arrow directions and/or other traffic signals Competition date: June 4-5 or TBD Go to for detailed 2011 Rules

39 39 How to Register a Team for both main & associate competitions 1.Read 2011 rules; if returning coach, go to 4 below. 2.Go to and submit New Coach Registration 3.Confirm the registration at your email account – If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact 4.Log on to the coach account at 5.Select a qualifying site and a category per team 6.Register team(s) 7.Pay registration fee online using PayPal (or send a check) 8.Upload team photo; update team info as necessary

40 Registration FAQ Can a coach register multiple teams in a site: yes Can a coach using one coach ID register teams in multiple sites? No. A coach must get another coach ID 40

41 Registration Deadline 21 days (3 weeks) before the (qualifying) competition date If a division at a site does not have 5 teams or more, teams registered at the site may be moved to another site; or teams can enter via video submission 41

42 42 Becoming a Team Coach Any teacher, school administrator, parent, tech specialist, or scientist/engineer is eligible to be a coach. Coaches must be adults without any criminal record. Please note: email is the primary and official communication method between the team and the Robofest organizer Coaches must agree to and abide by the 2011 Coachs Pledge

43 43 Roles of Team Coach Recruit team volunteers, including tech mentors, if needed Another important role of the coach is to find sponsors for their team(s) Responsible for facilitating team meetings Responsible for entering/updating the team data and uploading team & robot photos Collect Consent & Release forms to submit at all event check-ins Coordinate online pre & post assessment

44 44 Age Division Waiver Requests : Coaches must submit the Age Division Waiver Request Form, if there is any age exception Robofest will return the form to the coach with approval or disapproval Usually, playing up is O.K.

45 45 Things to bring on Competition Day Check-in fee (if required by the qualifying host) A laptop or PC for each team Only for exhibition teams: Hard copy of programs to give to judges, optional Poster boards to introduce the exhibition description and all the necessary materials for the exhibition Video sharing link Only for Fashion/Dance teams: Music and appropriate device for playing it Your own stage A power strip and power cord Extra batteries or battery charger Signed Consent & Release forms

46 46 2011 Main Season Schedule Dec 4, 7: Rules announced and posted on the web; kick-off meeting, coach & team registration begins Late December: finalization of Rules; watch for eNews announcement Jan ~ Feb, 2011: Technical workshops, On- site workshops, pre-assessment Feb 19: Warm-up at LTU (Judge Training) Mar 5 ~ Apr 2: Qualifiers, post assessment April 16: Regional Championships completed May 7: World Robofest Championship


48 48 Early date qualifying sites will advance more teams than late date sites.

49 49 Technical Workshops at LTU & Webinar: watch for URL by email Date:Time:Workshop:Location: Sat. Jan. 81p-4pNXTG for GameLTU, M218 Sat. Jan. 159a-12pNXTG for GameLTU, M218 Sat. Jan. 151p-4pRobotC for GameLTU, M218 Sat. Jan. 221p-4pLeJos JavaLTU, M218 Sat. Jan. 291p-4pL2Bot with JavaLTU, M218 Sat. Feb. 59a-12pNXTG for GameLTU, M218 Sat. Feb. 51p-4pNXTG for FashionLTU, M218 Workshops are only for registered teams

50 50 BTOS Game Field Kits Available Complete Game Field Kits available for purchase at the kick-off meetings only! Kit includes: broken pipe structures; black foam board walls; styrofoam cups Price: $15.00 (does not include table for field). Cash or check only, please. One FREE Game kit for each Site Host at the Kick Off meetings

51 51 Questions? Please first read the 2011 rules Send questions, comments, corrections, and Greetings for the New Year!

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