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1chung 5 th Annual Robofest 2004 Informational Meeting Jan. 17, 2004 Chan Jin Chung Lawrence Technological University.

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1 1chung 5 th Annual Robofest 2004 Informational Meeting Jan. 17, 2004 Chan Jin Chung Lawrence Technological University

2 2chung Agenda Introduction to Robofest, 2004 Rules, 2004 Competition Rules and 2004 Game Demos. 2:30am: Lego Robot Programming with Java using Eclipse environment (about 30 min)

3 3chung What is Robofest An annual autonomous robotics contest for 5th - 12th grade students in two playful ways: Competitions - A team of students competes to accomplish robotics missions requiring multiple robots. Exhibitions - Each team has complete freedom to show off creative autonomous robotics projects.

4 4chung Goals of Robofest To spark young students' interest in science, engineering and technology To challenge the science and engineering skills of students To promote students' creative and innovative thinking To recognize students' achievements To promote good teamwork and work ethics To provide workshops and technical support in autonomous robotics To build the work force of the future

5 5chung Divisions Competition 2 Lego Robots with RCX code or RoboLab Advanced Robot: 2 robots using high-level languages such as C, PBasic, C++, or Java Exhibition Lego Robots with RCX code or RoboLab Advanced Robot: any robots using high-level language such as C, PBasic, C++, or Java

6 6chung Unique Features of Robofest I Emphasis on learning computer technologies The dimension of the competition playing field is unknown. Even a part of the competition problem is unknown until the competition day Focuses on students' learning - No direct adult help is allowed. Competition requires multiple robots per team Freedom of using robotic platforms Freedom of choosing programming languages They may use any actuators and sensors.

7 7chung

8 8 Unique Features of Robofest II Affordable - registration is free; $20 Check-in fee Free technical workshops for teachers, coaches, and all participants It is simple, easy, modular, portable and affordable to set up playing fields of which materials can be reused every year Everyone is a winner: a personalized certificate in a frame and a medal/trophy to every registered student; Big trophies to winning teams in many categories

9 9chung Unique Features of Robofest III National champion teams are to be announced after the competitions from all Robofest sites around the nation. No papers: Coach registration at (Plan) Robotics in Technology Education Conference for school teachers and parents

10 10chung 1 st Robofest, 2000

11 11chung 2 nd Robofest, 2001 Registration had to be closed early… Handy Board Division for High School Teams was introduced

12 12chung 3 rd Robofest, 2002 Robot cooperation. Lego robots with Java

13 13chung Robofest 2002 Challenges: RoboRescuers Construct two robots, to save Lego citizens trapped in a burning building. The robots interact with each other to transfer the oxygen masks and use robotic strength to remove the wall that blocks the victims.

14 14chung Robofest 2002 Challenges: RoboRescuers, Advanced Div. Any robot programmed with High-level programming languages Must blow out the fire! – 20 points The location of the birthday candle light is unknown

15 15chung

16 16chung Robofest 2003 Competition

17 17chung Robofest 2003 becomes a national contest Nashua New Hampshire Detroit Southfield

18 18chung Robofest 2003 Statistics Registered Teams Teams Competed Number of Contestants LTU7459228 Detroit121150 Hollis, NH 151227 Total10182305

19 19chung Lego Robot National Champion 64-1, Comets, Christ The King School, Windsor, Canada. They completed the robotics mission all the time. Four 100 points out of 4 runs (Flash, 2nd, Semi Final, and Final). Average time to complete: 87.68 seconds.

20 20chung Advanced Robot National Champion 72-3, Robokids, Farmington Harrison High School, Michigan They got two 100 points out of three runs (2nd, and Final round). They were using Handy Boards with Interactive C programming language 55.75 seconds from the final was the world record so far

21 21chung Whats New in Robofest 2004 $20 Check-in fee per team Team and robot photo uploading One volunteer to setup/cleanup Announcement of National Champion on Robofest day at LTU No predetermined order of competition Poster board per team Certificate frames only for students

22 22chung Rules

23 23chung Earthquake Challenge Demo Ali Khazaal

24 24chung Robofest 2004 Still looking for hosting sites in other States or Countries Easy to host See you on April 24, 2004

25 25chung Why Java? Write once, run anywhere Professional OO software development AP exam from C++ to Java, 2004-

26 26chung Introduction to Lego programming with Java using Eclipse Environment Jason Lo

27 27chung Robotics is a wonderful motivator in science and engineering education

28 28chung 1010 Thank You

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