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Introduction to LEGO RCX robotics and Robot Sumo

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1 Introduction to LEGO RCX robotics and Robot Sumo
Workshop Day 1 CJ Chung Associate Professor of Computer Science Lawrence Technological University

2 This program is possible thanks to:
a grant from Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) Charitable Foundation Fund, which is a fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. For more details, check out a press release at:

3 Schedule First Workshop Day (3 hours) Second Workshop Day (3 hours)
Third Workshop Day (2 hours) Meetings with your school staff/teachers to improve your sumoBot (3 hours x 2 meetings suggested) Official Competition at your school to select one team to advance to the World Robofest Championship on April 26. Guests will be invited.

4 Workshop First Day (3 hours)
Introduction to Robotics Introduction to Robofest and Robot Sumo Introduction to Lego Mindstorms and RCX Introduction to RCX Code programming using RIS (Robotics Invention System) 2.0 Basic programs Motors Wait

5 Introduction to Robotics
What is a true robot? Autonomous robot with an on board computer Mechanical, electrical, and computational components Six fundamental components of a robot A brain or brains – computer Body: physical chasses that holds other pieces Actuators: motors, hydraulic pistons, pneumatics Sensors Power sources Communication mechanism

6 What is Robofest? 100% Autonomous Affordable
Challenging: Unknown problem No direct adult help allowed during the competition Qualifiers and a World Championship Various categories including Robot Sumo Two divisions: 5th – 9th grade: Jr. Division 9th – 12th grade: Sr. Division

7 RoboSumo Push the other robot out of the Sumo ring

8 Specifications Junior Division Senior Division Sumo ring diameter
Junior Division Senior Division Sumo ring diameter 77 cm (30 inches) 122 cm (48 in) Maximum robot mass 1kg (2.2 lbs) 2 kg (4.4 lbs) Maximum robot width and length 23 cm (9 inches) 30 cm (11.75 inches) Maximum robot height no limit Robot type Any; Lego Mindstorms or NXT recommended. any

9 Why Sumo? The most popular robot competition in the world
Integrator in Science Education – Math, Logic, Computers, Mechanics, and Physics Good for rookie teams Fun Motivator

10 Unknown Problem in Robofest Sumo
How to start is unknown Need sensor(s) Teams must bring a computer to program the unknown parts

11 Introduction to Lego Mindstorms
Born in USA at MIT RJ: Roverbot Jr. Brain – RCX micro computer Body: Lego pieces Actuators: up to 3 motors Sensors: Light, touch, etc. Power source: 9V (six AA batteries) Communication mechanism: IR Left motor: A Right motor: C Light sensor on Port No. 1 Touch sensor on Port No. 2

12 Introduction to RCX Code Programming
RIS (Robotics Invention System) 2.0 Dag and drop program blocks: Power, Wait, Repeat, Sensors, “Yes or No”, and My Blocks How to create the first program: Click on Create a user account Watch movie or press “enter” to skip it Click on “Program”, instead of Missions Check to skip the tutorials Click on “Program” again Click on “Freestyle” – You will see the program canvas!

13 First Program: Go forward for 2 seconds and stop

14 “Cover your robot and IR tower when you download programs”
Very Important!!!!! “Cover your robot and IR tower when you download programs” Save your programs File Names should be meaningful Use logbook and comment

15 Power Commands On On For: On + Wait + Off Off Set Power: Min 1 ~ Max 8
Coast Brake Set Power: Min 1 ~ Max 8 Set Direction: Reverse Direction: Not recommended to use. Use Set Direction instead.

16 ForwardBack Go Forward for 2 seconds, Wait 3 seconds then
Backward for 2 seconds

17 ForwardBack

18 Making Turns Turn left Spin left Face left stop Left wheel Right wheel

19 Turn 90 left Go forward for 2 seconds, Turn Left 90 degrees, and

20 Turn 90 left ?

21 Spin 720 right Go forward for a second,
Spin right two times (720 degrees), Go forward for a second 90o 720o

22 Spin 720 Right ?

23 Class Mission A simple maze Introduction to loops box box

24 Additional Mission, if time available
Introduction to loops: Making 100 beep sounds

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