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Kick-off Info Meeting December 5, 2012, 3:00 pm EST December 7, 2012, 6:30 pm EST December 15, 2012, 10:00 am EST January 12, 2013, 10:00am EST Please.

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1 Kick-off Info Meeting December 5, 2012, 3:00 pm EST December 7, 2012, 6:30 pm EST December 15, 2012, 10:00 am EST January 12, 2013, 10:00am EST Please download the kickoff zip file containing Robofest 2013 rule documents at The (webinar) meeting will begin shortly. 14 th 2013

2 The Zipped file contains the following files: 2

3 Welcome to Robofest 2013 Little robots, Big Missions Dr. CJ Chung, Prof. of Computer Science, Founder and Director, Dr. Chris Cartwright, Associate Prof. of Math, Program Manager Dr. Joe DeRose Dr. Kurt Meister Prof. Keith Bozin Many other LTU professors Teri Dubois, Associate Coordinator,, 248-204- 3568 Dr. Sarah Burcon Susan Latos Wendy MacLennan Bill Power Chris Parker Many LTU student assistants 3

4 4 Kick-off Info Meeting Agenda Overview of Robofest 2013 Rules for each Main Competition category Introduction to Associate Competitions 2013 Registration Schedule Q & A Please join the Robofest eNews list at!

5 Get students interested in STEM subjects and careers Increase preparedness for successful college education by increasing knowledge of STEM topics Promote students innovative and creative thinking Goals of Robofest 5

6 Features of Robofest Autonomous – Sensors required Challenging - dynamic playing fields, unknown factors, and no direct adult help allowed Any robotics system Affordable (reusing old kits; reg. fee: $50) Pre and Post Assessments (on-line) Qualifiers, Regionals & World Championship Age Divisions Jr. Division: 5 th – 8 th Sr. Division: 9 th – 12 th Associate Competitions for more opportunities 6

7 2013 Season Opportunities Main Competitions Game Exhibition including Fashion & Dance Associate Competitions Vision Centric Robot Challenge (VCRC) Bottle RoboSumo (aka RoboShove) 7

8 Main Competitions Competition Category Age Division Team Size RobotUnknown factors Assess ment Game – RoboSRC2 Jr. & Sr.Max 7AnyYes Exhibition Jr. & Sr.Max 7AnyNoYes 8 Team Registration Fee: $50

9 3 levels of Main Competition 9 One World Championship 3 Regional Championships including video RC Over 20 Local Qualifiers May 18, 2013 at Lawrence Tech

10 10 2013 Qualifying Sites United States: MI, HI, TX, FL, MN, OH, IN, MO, … Video Submission Site (see next slide) International: Canada, China, Hungary, India, Korea, Mexico, … Check out the complete list at

11 11 Submitting a Qualifier Video Video Submission in Games and Exhibition is available to teams who do not have a Robofest Qualifier in close proximity Game teams: contact prior to the submission to get unknown When submitting a video, the coach must include the signed submission form available at / 2013 All videos must be received by Friday, Apr 12, 2013, Noon, EDT. Video link highly recommended

12 Recognition of Video Submission Teams Medals and Certificates will be mailed to each coach Winners will be decided by Judges appointed by Robofest office Winners trophies will be shipped to the coach 12

13 13 Early date qualifying sites will advance more teams than later date sites!

14 Regional Championships (RC) Top teams from each qualifier will advance to a RC Asia-pacific RC: Early Spring, Korea Michigan RC: April 27, Lawrence Tech, 60 team slots available Video RC (non-Michigan and other international sites) No video required for Game teams (scores from Qualifiers to be used) Exhibition teams must provide video sharing site link by Noon, Friday, Apr 19, 2013, EDT No action needed for teams through Video Qualifier Skype/phone interview possible Number of World Championship team slots allocated to each Regional will be determined in March. 14

15 Online Assessment for Math and Science (anonymous) Pre-assessment: Instructions will be emailed to coaches in January. Post-assessment: After the qualifier, instructions will be emailed to coaches in early April. We need control groups (non Robofest students). If interested, please email Dr. Cartwright, 15

16 16 World Robofest Championship Lawrence Tech, Southfield, Michigan 60 teams will be invited from Regional Championships Friday, May 17, 2013 – Robofest 14 th Anniversary dinner Saturday, May 18, 2013 World Robofest Associate Competition VCRC

17 17 Team Photo Contest (Game, Exhibition, and Sr. VCRC teams) A team picture needs to be uploaded within 3 weeks after the team registration and at least 10 days prior to the Qualifier. Selection criteria: team spirit, unity, harmony, uniqueness, etc. Winners will be announced during the World Championship

18 18 Complete freedom to show off any type of creative autonomous robotics project Must employ sensors Human to Robot, Robot to Robot interaction strongly encouraged A suggested idea for 2013 year is interactive kinetic arts employing math, physics, and science concepts. Sharing online videos (such as YouTube) is highly recommended. Exhibition Competition Category

19 19 Visit and click on Exhibition Videos and pictures All the top winners since 2002 Exhibition Competition Example Projects

20 Exhibition Judging The application of math and science theories that is appropriate to the team members age level is a strong plus for judging (25% - highest). Not appropriate to the age level: OK, but it may not give any advantages for the judging. Wow! factor & demo performance – 20% Originality & Creativity – 20% … 20

21 SRCC (Search, Rescue, Cleanup, and Collect Data) – 2013 Game 21 Remove (clean up) the white toxic boxes from the table Bring the black box out of the contaminated area to Home Measure the size of the contaminated area in square millimeters and report the number Return to the Home Base.

22 2013 Game SRCC Animation – 3 ways to watch Go to and click on 2013 link. You will find YouTube video Go directly to the following link: Play SRCC.wmv file in the downloaded zip file.

23 Playing Field Layout (Jr. Division) 23 a : at least 25cm b, b : at least 15cm c : at least 20cm Min diameter: 30cm # of boxes: 3 ~ 4 Black box always on the top

24 Playing Field Layout (Sr. Division) 24 a : at least 25cm b, b : at least 15cm c : at least 20cm Max θ: 45 degrees # of boxes: 3 ~ 5 Black box location: unknown, but not on the bottom

25 2 rounds, 2 minutes per round Playing field unknown factors for each round will be different. Teams will be given 30 minutes after the playing field is unveiled and some playing field parameters are given. All teams must submit their robot to the impound area when 30 minutes has expired and after their 2 minute round has been completed. Rounds 25

26 Judge (or Emcee) will specify which way (orientation) the robot will face. Can be placed in the Home Base area as long as part of it is on or over the foil tape and it meets the size requirements May hang over the edges of the table. Players may pick up and modify their robot without penalty only when any part of the robot is on or over the foil tape. Robot must start with any part on or over the Home Base plate (aluminum tape) Width & Length: max. 35 cm It may hang over the edges of the table. Players may touch / modify only when the robot is on or over the aluminum tape How to start the robot 26

27 Tower is reset If any part of the robot is touched by a player outside of Home Base The robot must be re-started from Home Base using the same start orientation The team may (1) start without reset OR (2) request full-reset of the tower. (Red Card!) Red Card (-5): max two times 27

28 Scoring Sheet (1) 28

29 Scoring Sheet (2) 29

30 Max width and length: 35cm x 35cm (May expand automatically after starting. Height and weight limitation: none Only one robot controller for each robot Any number of sensors/sensor types Any number/type of motors/servo motors Any material/robot kit may be used to construct your robot including tape, glue, bolts and nuts, rubber bands, etc. Team ID tag Robot Specifications 30

31 FAQs (1) Can teams adjust the height of the robot after the tower information is unveiled? Yes. Teams may need to bring additional parts. Is there a required sequence of missions? No, but the come back to Home task must be the last action. (In other words, when the game ends, the robot must be at Home to get the 10 points for returning home.) 31

32 FAQs (2) Can we ask for a reset of the tower when the robot is in action? No, only when the robot is at the Home Base. Can we ask for a tower reset without penalty when the robot is over Home Base? No. Whenever the tower is reset, a Red Card is given, if max Red Cards not given. It brought the black box back to Home. Can a player remove the box from the robot in order to try remaining missions? Yes, after getting Judges confirmation that the black box was saved. Give the box to Judge. 32

33 FAQs (3) My robot brought the black box back to Home Base. Can we ask a partial reset of the tower without the black box? No. My robot brought a white box back to Home (-10 points). Can we ask a full reset? Yes. I grabbed my robot. Can I restart my robot without the tower reset? Yes. Must the robot stop at Home Base? No. It is desirable to make it stop. A player may pick it up at Home Base without penalty. 33

34 FAQs (4) Do the Judges stop the clock to reset the tower? No. Can a robot still display the area after the 2 minute time runs out? Yes. Can a player reset the tower? No. It must be done only by Judges. Remember: you will be asked to restart if you touch the tower boxes. A penalty will be assessed. 34

35 2013 Associate Competitions June 8-10 at Oakland University during IGVC ( VCRC and RoboShove First come, first served. Space is limited. Register and pay reg. fee early! 35

36 Associate Competitions 36 Competition Category Age Division Team Size Robot Unknown factors Assess ment Vision Centric Robot Challenge (VCRC) Sr.Max 3 L2Bot or Any* Partly yesNo CollegeMax 2Any*YesNo RoboShoveJr. & Sr.Max 3AnyYesNo Registration fee: $50 (*) need pre-approval

37 37 VCRC 2013 Vision-based robot competition Senior and College Divisions More challenging than previous years Go to for 2013 and to watch a video of past competitions

38 2013 VCRC course 38

39 RoboShove (aka Bottle RoboSumo) The objective of the game is to either be the first robot to find and intentionally push a 2 liter bottle (filled with 1 liter of water) off the table OR be the last robot remaining on the table. 39

40 40 How to Register a Team for both main & associate competitions 1.Read 2013 rules; if you are a returning coach, go to 4 below. 2.Go to, click on 2013 button, and submit New Coach Registration 3.Confirm the registration at your email account – If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact 4.Log on to the coach account at 5.Select a qualifying site and a category per team 6.Register team(s) 7.Pay registration fee online using PayPal (or send a check) 8.Upload team photo; update team info as necessary

41 Registration FAQ Can a coach register multiple teams at a site: Yes Can a coach using one coach ID register teams in multiple sites? Yes Can a student be a member of multiple teams? Yes, but not the same category 41

42 Registration Deadline 21 days (3 weeks) before the Qualifying Competition date If a division at a site does not have 5 teams or more, teams registered at the site may be moved to another site; or teams can enter via video submission 42

43 43 Becoming a Team Coach Any teacher, school administrator, parent, tech specialist, or scientist/engineer is eligible to be a coach. Coaches must be adults without criminal record. Please note: email is the primary and official communication method between the team and the Robofest organizer. Coaches must agree to and abide by the 2013 Coachs Pledge

44 44 Roles of Team Coach Recruit team volunteers, including tech mentors and assistant coaches, if needed Find sponsors Responsible for facilitating team meetings Responsible for entering/updating the team data and uploading team & robot photos Collect Consent & Release forms to submit at all event check-ins Coordinate online pre & post assessment

45 45 Age Division Waiver Requests : Coaches must submit the Age Division Waiver Request Form by email or fax, if there is any age exception. Robofest will return the form to the coach with approval or disapproval. Usually, playing up is permitted.

46 46 Things to bring on Competition Day Check-in fee (if required by the qualifying host) A laptop or PC for each team Exhibition teams: Hard copy of programs to give to judges, optional Poster boards to introduce the exhibition description and all the necessary materials for the exhibition Video sharing link Your own stage, music file and player for Fashion & Dance A power strip and power cord Extra batteries or battery charger Signed Consent & Release forms

47 47 2013 Main Season Schedule Dec 5: Rules announced & posted on the web; Team registration begins Late December: finalization of Rules; watch for eNews announcement Jan ~ Feb, 2013: Technical workshops, On- site workshops, pre-assessment Feb 23: Warm-up at LTU (Judge Training) Mar ~ early Apr: Qualifiers, post assessment April 12: Video Qualifier deadline April 27: Regional Championships completed May 19: World Robofest Championship

48 48 Technical Workshops at LTU (& Webinar): watch for URL by email Date:Time:Workshop:Location:Instr. Sat. Jan. 121-4pNXTG for GameLTU, M218 Prof. Bozin Sat. Jan. 199a-12pNXTG for GameLTU, M218 Dr. Cartwright 1-4pNXTG for GameLTU, M218 Dr. DeRose Sat. Jan. 269a-12pRobotC for GameLTU, M218 Dr. Cartwright 1p-4pRobotC for GameLTU, M218 Dr. Brauchler Sat. Feb. 29a-12pNXTG for GameLTU, M218 ? Sat. Feb. 99a-12pNXTG for GameLTU, M218 ? 1p-4pNXTG for ExhLTU, M218 ? On campus workshops are only for registered teams

49 NXT-G or RobotC workshop Mainly for SRCC game Bring a pre-assembled Lego NXT robot that can follow the edge of white table with one light sensor Attach another light sensor to detect a box Bring a laptop with NXT-G software installed Do not forget to bring a USB cable 49

50 SRCC Game Field Kits may be available for purchase Robofest office M219 in Jan ~ Feb. Table: Price TBD SRCC kits - $10 2 Shapes 4 Kleenex boxes Aluminum foil tapes Tape Measures, protractor - TBD We will ship SRCC Game kits for each official host site 50

51 Miscellaneous Info PVSA (President's Volunteer Service Awards) More Lawrence Tech Scholarships! Free Android Robofest Timer. Use keyword Robofest Timer GR A F (Global Robot Arts Festival in fall 2013) – RoboParade, Robot Music, Dance, and Interactive Kinetic Sculptures 51

52 52 Questions? Send questions, comments, corrections, and suggestions

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