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2012 R2R Game Judging Guidelines Updated Feb 18, 2012 Go to and click on [Robofest 2012] button. This PowerPoint file.

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1 2012 R2R Game Judging Guidelines Updated Feb 18, 2012 Go to and click on [Robofest 2012] button. This PowerPoint file and related materials will be available under Judging section. This presentation is for all volunteers, coaches, mentors, site hosts, and team members

2 Based on Official Rules (v1.21) published on Jan 11, 2012 (frozen – No more changes) and FAQ and Clarification (keep changing) Any additional decisions made must be consistent for each site Judges decisions are final Game Judging

3 Judge Types and Roles Chief Judge 2 Judges per table About 20% of teams Qualify for Regional and World Championships 3

4 Recommended R2R Setup Chief Judge 2 Judges / Group Timer** 3 6ft tables* covered with black paper 2 Judges / Group Timer** 3 tables* covered with black paper (*) or two 8ft tables (**) can be shared. Use also Android App. Score Keeper with Laptop/Excel Impound area

5 Width & Length: max. 35 cm Visible Team ID tag on the robot Impound Area – The following items must be checked before the robot is impounded

6 Robots to the Rescue (R2R) – 2012 Game Rescue people on the top of the two buildings Learning objectives: motion, manipulation, object detection, localization, logic, ratio, proportion, math operations, measuring, trigonometry (Sr. only), and navigation

7 Robofest 2012 Game R2R Animation Videos or play R2R.mp4 file in the zip or play R2R2.mp4 file in the zip

8 Playing Field Layout (Jr. Division)

9 Playing Field Layout (Sr. Division) Teams are required to measure the table thickness, if needed.

10 2 rounds, 2 minutes per round Playing field unknown factors for each round will be different. Teams will be given 30 minutes after the playing field is unveiled and the playing field parameters are given. All teams must submit their robot to the impound area when 30 minutes has expired and after their 2 min round has been completed. Rounds

11 Two team members are allowed to play Robot must start with any part on or over the Home Base plate (aluminum tape) It may hang over the edges of the table Teams decide the orientation of the bot Players may touch / modify only when the robot is on or over the aluminum tape How to start the robot

12 Penalty (-5) points (max two times): – If any part of the robot is touched outside of Home Base by a player – Balls / rocks / buildings are touched or moved by a player After the violation is announced – The robot must be re-started from Home Base. Playing field may be reset fully or partially by the players request – If balls / rocks / buildings were touched or moved by a player, they must be reset. Rule Violations

13 Scoring Sheet (1)

14 Scoring Sheet (2)

15 Max length and width: 35cm x 35cm Height and weight: no limit One brain (controller) Any number of sensors/sensor types Any number of motors Any material Any programming language Must have a team ID tag Robot Specifications

16 Is there a required sequence of missions? No. Will there be judging of the teams programs? – No. However, judges may visit team tables to check the code. Can teams adjust the height of the robot arm after the building is unveiled? - Yes. Teams may need to bring additional parts. Can teams measure playing field objects? Yes. But it is not allowed to measure the distance between the buildings of the official playing field. FAQs (1)

17 FAQs (2) Can we ask reset when the robot is in action? No. Can you ask for a reset when the robot is over Home Base without penalty? Yes. There is no penalty for asking for a reset. A box was moved by a robot and then reset by a judge. Are there additional penalties? No. Box movement will be assessed at the end of the game, not during the run. Do the judges stop the clock to reset? No

18 If we ask for the playing field to be reset, do we lose any points we have already achieved? No. You should ask partial reset. Can a robot intentionally drop a part? What if a robot drops a part in the hospital box as a means of delivering the ball? Will it get penalty points? No penalty points for intentionally dropping a part What if a robot drives into the hospital box with a ball? Obviously, this is an accident. The robot must be picked up. If the ball is with the robot, the team may restart with the ball (the concept of partial reset). FAQs (3)

19 Can we use a touch sensor to measure the distance between two buildings? – No. If the buildings are touched by the robot and moved, then you may get penalties. See score sheet item (7) What is the definition of building move? That means any noticeable move. Judges decision is final. Must the robot stop at Home Base? No, it does not need to STOP. A player can pick it up at the Home Base without penalty. FAQs (4)

20 Must robot stop to report the distance at the Home Base? No. It is not required to stop. Can a robot still display distance after the 2 min time runs out? Yes. So it is a good strategy to do the display as the last mission. Can we get the points of the reporting the distance, if Rock1 and 2 are not moved? No Do Rock 1 and 2 have to be moved off the table or just moved? Just moved. If the ball bounces out of the hospital box, do you lose points? Yes. The ball is not saved. FAQs (5)

21 If we are getting the balls off of the building. Can the robot touch the building as long as it does not move the building? Yes, it can touch it without penalties. A robot brings a ball to Home Base. Can you take the ball off the robot by hand at the Home Base? Is it still count as a ball saved on the robot or does it have to physically be on the robot at the end of the game? No. Judges will count balls at the end of the game. To get 20 points, it must be on the robot at the end of the game. If the ball is touched, it must be reset. Red card will be given. FAQs (6)

22 A robot returns home after retrieving balls from the buildings (so the robot has balls). Can we touch the robot to while at home, before taking the ball to the hospital box? Yes. But remember: ball is a part of the playing field. Any ball that returns with the robot to Home Base must not be touched or moved relative to the robot during reconfiguration or repositioning of the robot. If touch or moved, judges will reset the ball onto the building, and the robot should be restarted. New FAQs (1)

23 Can a player reset the playing field? No. It must be done by Judges only. Minimum weight of two buildings is 1.5kg. Does the hospital box have a minimum weight? No. It is unknown and very light. (Senior Division only) How high y can be? The height of the objects that holds the table will be between 4.5cm ~ 9cm. New FAQs (2)

24 Robofest 2012 Game R2R Animation Videos for Judging Practices R2Rerr1.mp4 R2Rerr2.mp4 R2Rerr3.mp4 R2Rerr4.mp4

25 Check violations carefully during the run Reset balls/rocks/buildings per request Score after the game by counting balls and number of red cards, etc. It is a teams responsibility to design robots in such a way that the measurement displayed on LCD can be shown to Judges. Judges at individual sites have the authority to interpret any and all questions that may arise during the competitions Judging Tips

26 If a team achieves a perfect score (100), the time taken is recorded on the scoring sheet by a Judge (without a perfect score, time will not be recorded) Get signature from a team a player Give the score sheet to Chief Judge After checking Chief Judge will give the score sheet to score keeper Game Ending 26

27 Winners in each division will be decided by average scores of Rounds 1 and 2 Tie breakers: 1)Completion time, if perfect score 2)Best score 3)Accuracy of the reported distance 4)Rerun, if needed How to determine winners

28 Practice field as well as Official fields will have the official box. Distance is still unknown. Can teams use the official playing fields to practice? – Yes, it should be open for at least 10 minutes for light sensor readings. After 30 minutes, teams must bring the robot to the impound area. Note that visible Team ID is required on the robot Rules during 30 min after Unknown Factors are unveiled

29 Little Robots, Big Missions Questions? Contact: Dr. Chris Cartwright, Robofest Program Manager, Dr. CJ Chung, Robofest Director, Rule FAQs, Updates, Clarifications More Animations Warm Up Video

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